Draw, Bitch 4: This Time It’s Personal @ Petra Gallerie

draw bitch free for all panel

Went to the Draw, Bitch 4: This Time It’s Personal art event at the Petra Gallerie this past saturday. It was an event where you are allowed to come in and draw on the walls. There were also invited artists who were going to draw on the walls as well. Here is the flier for the event.

draw bitch art event flier

I was really excited for this event, but it wasn’t exactly what I was expecting. In my mind, I thought that the event would be to draw directly onto the art gallery walls and that we would be drawing along side with everyone (including the invited artists). But instead when we got there, we found out that there was limited drawing space and that we had to draw on these giant sheets of paper tapped onto the walls. Also, there were exactly four invited artists and they each had their own sheet to draw on. One thing nice is that they did provide a mini suit case filled with hundreds of different drawing utensils. They also had free alcohol, food, and maybe.. palm reading?? Anyways, it was a good experience, and I had fun. Although, I think it would be better the later you get to the event, that way you can see more realized art pieces as opposed to just its beginning. However, if you choose to stay for hours and hours, its nice to go earlier so you can see the process that some of these artists use to create their pieces.

panorama of the draw bitch event at petra gallerie

Here’s a panoramic view of half of the art gallery. To the left you can see where all of the panels are for anyone to draw on. On the right side are four panels reserved for the invited artists. Lets have a look at some of the free for all drawing spaces.

draw bitch free for all panel

draw bitch free for all panel

my friends panel at draw bitch

The one above was the one that was done by me and the people I attended the event with. Lots and lots of doodles.

crazy elephant man at draw bitch

This was another free panel, but I think hes elephant drawing was amazing. I love the eyes. Definitely one of my favorites of the night while I was there.

Now lets have a look at two of the four artist panels. Keep in mind that this was towards the beginning of the show, so this doesn’t show what the final piece looks like. I’ve very curious though to see the realized art.

draw bitch artist panel #2

draw bitch artist panel #3

Anyways thats all I have from the art gallery event, Draw, Bitch. Hope you enjoyed the pictures! Also, heres a little fun panoramic photo from dinner that we had before the event at Fu’s Palace.

dinner at fu's palace with friends


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