First Time Using Fake Nails

gyaru nails

So I recently decided to try using fake nails. I actually really like my natural nails a lot. But I wanted to try having super duper long nails that are impossible for me to grow out. They are pretty, and I am typing with them right now. My nails are now almost 1 inch long!! But I must admit, it’s really difficult typing with them on!! lol, the nails are too long and I feel like they should rip off at any moment, especially the ones on my pinkies!

So these are the supplies that I bought from Sally’s Beauty Supply store. I got a soft nail buff for natural and fake nails, nail glue, and a pack of fake nail tips. All of this totalled to be around $5.00. Not too bad.

what i bought from sallys beauty supply

The sizes that came in the pack of fake nails were ok for me. I used most of the smaller and middle size nails. I ended up reshaping the square shaped tips into rounded points however. But here is what they looked like out of the box.

fake nails

What I did was I just cut off all of my naturally long nails T-T and then glued on the fake nails after carefully selecting which ones fit each nail. Then I filed each nail to the shape that I desired. Finally I added color and a little magic and ta-da! Done. This is a quick summary however, of several hours of nail work.. lol and it still doesn’t look that great since I kind of got lazy… actually I didn’t wanna try too hard because I don’t think the nails will last me very long since they are ridiculously long. Haha but I like how it looks, too bad its not practical.

nail steps

This is what my nails ended up looking like. Totally would have gone for something more crazy and extreme if I had any more patience that day. But I was a bit busy and didn’t have the time.

gyaru nails

gyaru nails

There’s a lot of things that I will know not to do the next time I want to use fake nails. For one, I wouldn’t use the one thats for tips.. it looks retarded on me and I can’t reuse the nails now either.


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