Valentines Day *Update*

valentines day basket of flowers and cast puzzle

So for Valentines Day, usually me and my boyfriend don’t really exchange gifts. We aren’t really too into the holiday, if anything we just have dinner together. But this isn’t any different from normal since we always eat together. But this year was nice because he surprised me! When I came back from work, he showed up with a beautiful basket of flowers. Haha, of course, my boyfriend being practical as always, since we don’t have a vase, a basket makes sense.

valentines day basket of flowers and cast puzzle

Inside the basket of flowers was a heart cast puzzle. I love puzzles!! I thought this was super sweet of him. We ended up watching a movie together while sipping on some red merlot wine. It was a good night. Later on I found out that he made reservations for dinner at Bistro Du Soleil in Playa Del Ray,

It was a really little restaurant, but very cute inside and it had a nice atmosphere. Perfect for our valentines day dinner. We decided not to buy a bottle since we probably wouldn’t be able to finish it. So we ordered two glasses of wine instead.

drinking wine

We ended up ordering their valentines day three-course meal. Here is what we got:

For our appetizers… the one pictured on the left was a complimentary appetizer. I’m not sure what the name is, but it consisted of lemon, goat cheese, nuts , and the crust shell. It was quite odd, but delicious at the same time if you ate it all together in one bite. In the middle was the roasted baby beet salad with argula, burrata cheese citrus vinaigrette and balsamic reduction. On the right  was the foie gras torchon on brioche crostini and caramelized fig.


For the main course we had chateaubriand with wild mushroom marchand de vin sauce, mash potato and market vegetable, and…


Grilled canadian salmon with truffle cream sauce, main lobster ravioli and market vegetable.


Both the steak and the salmon were seriously cooked to perfection. I can’t think of a single thing wrong with both of them. And the mushrooms were amazing, especially both of the dishes’ sauces!

For dessert we had a warm flourless chocolate cake with strawberry sauce and vanilla bean ice cream (pictured left), and heart shaped dolce de leche ice cream with white chocolate fresh whip cream and berry sauce (pictured left). The one on the left side was my favorite dish of the night. Amazing… omg i’m drooling just thinking about it again.


This was a good valentines day night. Afterwards we drove to the beach. Too bad it was very cold, so we decided not to go outside. Haha, but we tried ♥


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