4 Tips For Those With Smaller Body Types

Most of the world might be preoccupied with the ongoing question of how to look slimmer and shed a few pounds, but for some of us it is quite the reverse. The thing is, no matter how many women think they’d like nothing more than to be stick-thin, it can be so difficult to find anything that looks really elegant and flattering on the smallest of frames. Difficult, but not impossible…and thank the Lord for that!

Think about a couple of celebs that fly the flag for thinner frames. Keira Knightley for example has faced quite the barrage of accusations involving illnesses and eating disorders, but has never for one second shied away from the cameras and always manages to pull off a truly elegant and flattering look.

And then of course there’s Sarah Jessica Parker – a global style icon that proves a thin and muscly body can look truly amazing if graced with the right adornments.

So with this in mind, here are a few essential tips from the pros if looking to instil a little much-needed confidence:

The Cut

Long story short – you need to find clothes that accentuate or create curves where you want them to be. This means either opting for figure-hugging dresses that who off what you’ve got, of go for something bigger and wider to create the illusion of curves. Or to look at it from another angle, you must avoid any kid of cut the makes you look like a straight-up rectangle.

The Colors

The good news about choosing the right colours is that today’s style and fashion trends dictate that there are no wrong colours out there…period! Feel free to go as bright and bold as you like, not even shying away from the most dazzling of yellows and reds – just be sure to match them with your skin and hair tone. A good way to create the illusion of additional girth is to contrast top colours with those on the bottom, like wearing dark tops with light bottoms, or the other way round

The Materials

For reasons that should be fairly obvious, thicker materials like wool are your friends. There are few better ways of filling out a figure than by literally doing so with thicker clothing, just be sure not to go over the top. In addition, layering up makes an excellent alternative to thick fabrics.

The Accessories

Wide belts in bold colours are great for those who have little to no waist to speak of, while prominent scarfs draw attention more toward the chest/face and away from the rest of the frame. Loose wrist jewellery also adds the illusion of girth, while ballet pumps are also well-known for breaking up a stick-thin frame.

Author Bio
Stephanie Belner is a part-time fashion student and full-time mother of three who lives in Truro with her husband. When not penning blogs sharing her daily style teachings with the world, Stephanie enjoys nothing more than trying her hand at creating unique dresses and other garments for friends and family.

6 Replies to “4 Tips For Those With Smaller Body Types”

  1. Ohhh cool tips hehe! Me, I dun have a small body type >.< Eeek! But nice to know these stuffs to fit the right fit. 🙂

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    1. loll yea. always good to find clothes that fit your body type.

  2. Really interesting sweetie.

    1. thanks for reading <3

  3. This was helpful I’m a petite person
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    1. glad to hear that this post was useful for you 🙂

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