SANA New Born Styling W Brow Mascara and Pencil Review

A long while back, I had the opportunity to try out the SANA Styling W Brow pencil and mascara in SB3 Light Brown. There are 3 different available shades: SB1 Greyish Brown, SB2 Natural Brown, and SB3 Light Brown.

I bought this originally from my local Japanese market, Mitsuwa, for about ~ $18.

The SANA Styling W Brow is convenient and easy to use. It is a 2-in-1 product where there are two ends, one end is an eyebrow mascara while the other is an eyebrow pencil.

The diameter of the eyebrow pencil is 2mm thick. According to SANA, it allows you fill in your eyebrows with thin hair-like strokes, creating a natural looking eyebrow.

The mascara wand’s bristles are not as long as the ones for your eyelashes. They feel a tad bit more firm (probably because its shorter), and the shape of the entire wand is like a cone. Since the circumference of it is smaller at the tip, it helps with the shaping of the brows for the best precision.

On the back of the original packaging, you can find the directions.

First, you use the pencil side to fill in and shape your eyebrows.

Next, you use the mascara end to lightly brush your hairs in the direction that it’s growing and to help make your hairs stay the way it should.

Here are swatches of the two ends. The top swatch is the pencil, and the bottom is the mascara wand.

Also to help you see the difference, here are some before and after photos of me using the product on my eyebrows.

I apologize for the lack of quality in these photos since these were taken with my cell phone. I am still working on transitioning most of my posts to using my dSLR when possible, but I need to first publish the posts that I’ve already taken photos for in the past!

To help you understand the photos below, just know that the eyebrows with a W = With product, and WO = Without.

SANA New Born Styling W Brow Mascara and Pencil Rating: ★★★★☆

  • The pencil is okay, nothing to special in my opinion, and I don’t think that the thickness of the pencil really effects the look of the eyebrow by making it look more “natural”
  • Once you’ve applied the mascara, it dries up fairly quickly and doesn’t flake or feel too stiff
  • I’m not a big fan of the mascara color, it’s sort of metallic looking?
  • I got the lightest color available, and I feel like it isn’t light enough for me (maybe I’m wrong)
  • I don’t like that it the SB3 Light Brown color has a hint of red in it, I wish they had a light ash color
  • The product stays on all day, even when you exercise, and comes off easily with face wash
  • This may be a little tricky to find for purchase, but the price is average for a drugstore type product
  • If you want nice eyebrows, this product is for you!! But if you are really trying to avoid eyebrows that are drawn in and want more of a powdery look, keep searching~
  • Overall, it’s a great product (it really really is), but the color and look of it isn’t what I am going for at the moment

2 Replies to “SANA New Born Styling W Brow Mascara and Pencil Review”

  1. Great job! It looks so natural! Like it!

    1. yea this one looks pretty natural :B
      but i bleached my eyebrows this past weekend, so now they aren’t so natural anymore. hahaha.

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