Stila Cover Up Stick Review

I have finally ran out of my MAC concealer, so I decided to try out my Stila cover up stick that I’ve been holding on to for quite some time. You probably don’t remember, but I got this as part of a parcel exchange.

If you are interested in purchasing, Stila has it on sale for $20.00 $8.00 right now.

The packaging isn’t anything special. It looks exactly like how all the other products look. But its convient, small, and easy to use.

The cover up stick comes in 5 different shades, A, B, C, D, and E. I have the darkest shade, which is actually not quite dark at all.

The cover up stick is quite thin and looks somewhat like lipstick. To use it, all you need to do is remove the cap and twist to push up the cover up stick.

Here’s a swatch of it on my hand. You can barely even see the swatch! But on my face, it’s more noticeable since the skin on my face is a lot lighter.

The texture of it is smooth. To get the cover up onto your skin, you have to really apply pressure when using it to cover up spots. It doesn’t just come off if you draw over your blemishes, which I consider a downside. Ideally, you do not want to be apply so much pressure onto the surface skin of your face.

Once you get the product onto your skin however, it’s smooth sailing. It’s very easy to blend into your skin. But be careful to not blend it in too much or else all of the coverage goes away! I think the coverage on this stick is way too little for my taste. But it does leave a nice matte and light finish.

Below is a before and after using the Stila cover up stick. On the left is my face without make up. The right shows my face with the Stila cover up applied.

I would say that this product is great for covering light sun spots, redness, and some discoloration. But it will not cover any moles, areas that are too dark, or in my case acne (hehe, all of the acne that you see here is pretty extreme, but thankfully they are all gone now ~ I blame it on my period).

I have heard that this product works well for under eye cover up.

I also noticed that it works great just under my nose area. During this time of the year, I tend to get a lot of allergies and blow my nose frequently. This causes redness right around my nostrils, and I find that this cover up stick is great to carry in your purse to hide the redness throughout the day (especially since the makeup comes off every time I blow my nose, lolll).

Another thing to note is that the foundation has a strong yellowish orange color to its base. If you notice at all, you can see in the image below to the right that it looks kinda spotty.

Stila Cover Up Stick in “E” Overall Rating: ★★★☆☆

  • only covers up light sun spots, red areas, and minor discolorations
  • fails miserably at providing any sort of coverage for acne and moles
  • has a strong yellowish orange tone to it
  • nice matte and smooth finish
  • very sleek and small, great for carrying in your purse to use as needed through the day
  • coverage is very light
  • I only recommend this product if you are looking to cover redness

10 Replies to “Stila Cover Up Stick Review”

  1. I love Stila in general, strange that the cover stick was less than great ;P!
    Btw, I follow you but wonder why your post will not show up on my feed 🙁 That’s why I haven’t been commenting as I didn’t see your posts updated ;0
    xo, L

    1. hmmm.. yea i dont know why i dont show up in the feed :C
      i know for some of my friends, i show up a little later than the actual time that i posted
      oh well, i’m sure you see me enough on your blog though.

      and thats a good thing that you mentioned about not taking photos when it is just you and your husband. smart. i need to try to do that more with my bf, but its hard to put the phone down!

  2. Hey dear!
    I like your posts sweety! I like your blog a lot! This is my first visit here but definitely not the last 🙂 Check out my blog if you have a free minute :)Would you like to follow each other?xx
    Wish you a nice weekend!
    fashion blog

    1. thanks for commenting! i’ll definitely check out your blog 🙂

  3. I’ve not really tried this product and maybe not available where I am hmmm … but it seems there are lots of other better sticks around right? Yeah check out others with better coverage 🙂

    ★♡ New Outfit Post (^_^) ♡★
    ❂◈ The SHE Inside ◈❂

    ❤ ~Chai

    1. haha yea. I’m probably just going to stick with my mac cover up 🙂

  4. I love read reviews 🙂
    I heard about this brand before but i never try it. What surprises me is that it seems very dark but in your skin it seems more light! I like the fact of being small and easy to use! xoxo

    1. yea thats what i like most about it. its easy to use and small enough to carry around without much trouble.

  5. interestinf product, i think i need to buy some concealer to cover my dark circle T_T
    thank you for review dear <3

    1. oh puhleze~ you don’t even have any dark circles that i can notice!! you look great!

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