Day 4 (Continued): Welcome to Maui

Here’s another Hawaii post~ Don’t worry gals! I’m almost done with this whole series. LOL~ I know it has been forever it feels like. After this post, I have another post that you DON’T WANNA MISS coming this Thursday.

Little updates on what else I’ve been doing:

  • Looking for a condo or town house to buy
  • Freelancing
  • Blogging
  • Errands: oil change, car wash, smog check, Roth IRA, car registration, street sweeping ticket
  • Decided to not get a real estate license (for now at least)
  • Reading: The Hobbit
  • Watching: Game of Thrones S3, Attack on Titan, Bob’s Burger
  • Playing: Dark Avenger
  • Debating if I should cosplay this year for Anime Expo 2013

Anyways, lets get over with today’s Hawaii post finishing up Day 4 in MAUI!

A short (useless) clip of us on the airplane. I totally didn’t know he was recording!! Audio is weird btw, because our camera is in it’s underwater casing.

After landing and arriving at our car rental location, I found a mama and her wee little chicks crossing the walk way. かわいい〜ね

Here’s our tiny car that we rented for the week! My bf wanted to get the Corvette convertible for an extra $20 a day, but I said “no!“.

The rental cars in Hawaii smell fishy.

♪ Making our way downtown~ driving fast ~ as cars pass ~ and we’re almost home now ♫

In Maui, to save money, we chose to not stay at a hotel. Instead we stayed at a vacation rental instead (sort of like an apartment that you can rent for an extended amount of days).

When you first walk into our new place, you end up in the bedroom. There is a beautiful beach mural that covers one side of the wall.

Here’s our living room, fully stocked with everything we could possibly need including games, water sport equipment, chairs of all sorts for the beach, and more!

There was also a lovely balcony that over looked the beach!

One of the walls in the living room was a giant mirror, so here I am taking a photo of myself for fun, haha.

We also had a full kitchen that was connected to our living room.

And of course our bathroom. Nothing special really ~ just practical.

That night we went out for a fancy dinner. I didn’t really know where we were going since it was a surprise, but I was told to get ready and look nice regardless. So here I am camera whoring as usual.

Lol I tried out so many different angles with my camera.

I think this photo below is so funny~

For dinner, we ate at Cuatro… which I might add, is one of the most spectacular meals that I’ve had in Hawaii.

This steak was soooo good. I think it was corn or wheat fed beef. The texture and taste was entirely different from what normal beef tastes like. Yum!

After we finished our steak, we took a picture. Haha, yea, we are in love.

I can’t remember what these two dishes are below, but all I can say is, BOMB!

We also got suckered into ordering their dessert, which was basically two scoops of ice cream with tons of fruits. I think while we were in Hawaii, we had ice cream about 1-3 times a day. So bad..

Ok, so thats all I have for today’s post.. which I know is very short!! But I have an extremely long post for you this coming Thursday, along with a big announcement. Ekkk~ I’m excited!

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xoxo Sarah 

9 Replies to “Day 4 (Continued): Welcome to Maui”

  1. Oh my, looks so awesome! Will be looking forward for the next one 😀
    x, Lara

    1. Thanks! Im excited for the next post! Haha and I don’t know why my url is there. Weird.

  2. ^And I have no idea why *your* URL came on that link above XD

  3. Alena Belausava says: Reply

    Hmm… A big announcement? I hope it’s a really BIG thing so let me just make my guesses (won’t say it here not to jinx it) ^_^

    1. Hehe you’ll see soon enough 😉

  4. I am wondering what your big annoucement really
    is! Anyway, I love your holiday photo’s! The rooster
    and the baby chicks looked so cute!
    The apartment looks pretty cool as well c: Xx

    1. Thanks! Can’t wait for you to find out the surprise!!

  5. Big announcement???? Hmmm …
    Good luck in condo buying dear!
    I love your photos! Cute chicks! haha!
    You guys are so sweet! Love sharing good food 🙂

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    1. Of course I’d support you, checking it out now!

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