Reddit Star Wars Gift Exchange

star wars reddit gift exchange

Can’t believe it’s already November! I’ll be going on vacation in Europe later this month, and by the time I return it will already be December… and you know what’s going down in December… STAR WARS!

Of course when I saw that Reddit Gifts was doing a Star Wars gift exchange, how could I refuse? I feel bad that I lagged so much to do this post, it isn’t even that hard to do. I’ve just been so strapped on time since I took up a second job 🙁

I genuinely love this shirt a lot. The v-neck cut makes it more feminine. Also, it has some of my favorite characters — Han Solo, Darth Vader, and Chewie. It’s too perfect!!! Never knew Star Wars could look this kawaii.

star wars reddit gift exchange

Here’s a better close up of the print. The different panels totally remind me of comics too. Hehe, and I like the added sound effects for each of them. *pew pew pew* #hanshotfirst

star wars reddit gift exchange

Anyways, I’m gonna try to put more effort into updating my blog…
For reals!!! *trying* Thanks for reading!

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xoxo Sarah 

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