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Clarins Sunscreen Blog Review

“Sunscreen, sunscreen, sunscreen!! Don’t forget to wear sunscreen on your face before you go out, or you’ll be ugly when you’re older.”

Well arrest me, because I break this rule on the daily.

The only sunscreen that I’ve ever come to use on my face is this one here, Clarins Sunscreen Multi-Protection (~$42 from Sephora). I’ve tried so many other brands, but I just can’t stand to wear sunscreen, especially because there’s enough other stuff that I pile onto my face. Typically, I just rely on liquid foundation with SPF, but we all know that can’t be trusted.

Clarins Sunscreen Blog Review

Let me give you the low down on what’s good with Clarins Sunscreen Multi-Protection:

  • formula is liquidy for easy application
  • smoothes over the skin evenly without having to be forceful to spread it
  • it’s basic, meaning it does the job without any unnecessary extras such as flowery scents
  • the sunscreen bottle tip is easy to use, you just squeeze the bottle and the sunscreen squirts out into your palm
  • sunscreen is absorbed into the skin quickly
  • not oily
  • works well with different types of makeup applied on top
  • not entirely moisturizing, so you’ll probably still need face lotion
  • bottle is easy to carry around where ever you go, plane, train, or walking
  • best of all, it’s 40 SPF 50 SPF (new formula)

Don’t be like me and try to look for something better. I got Shisheido after this one, and regret my decision. Clarins does the job, is tolerable, and got me to actually use it daily. You can’t ask for a better sunscreen than that!

Hey, but do let me know if you have any sunscreen suggestions, and I’ll check them out!

Bottom line: If you want to get into the routine of wearing sunscreen on yo face, try Clarins!

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