Ellen Panda Brown Circle Lens Review

ellen panda brown circle lens

Today we’re going to have a look at Ellen Panda Brown circle lens (available for $18 from Klenspop.com). These lens were sponsored to me by Klenspop.com.

First thing I noticed when I received my shipment, is that Klenspop updated their packaging! I like it, and the art work is really cute.

ellen panda brown circle lens

The circle lens came securely placed inside a plastic bed container, ensuring that it doesn’t get damaged within the box. Inside the box are also free contact lens case and tongs.

Another new feature that I found is this double sided flyer with detailed instructions on how to wear and take care of your lens. It’s actually quite detailed and very good for first time users.

ellen panda brown circle lens

General information on the lens:

  • Brand: Lenspop
  • Diameter: 14.8mm
  • Graphic Diameter: 14.5mm
  • Base Curve: 8.6mm
  • Water Content: 38%
  • Life Span: 6 months (Max)**
  • Country of Origin: Korea
  • Colors Available: Brown (4 color), Blue (4 color)

** I recommend keeping lens for only 3-4 months max

ellen panda brown circle lens

Now that we have the Ellen Panda Brown circle lens out of their glass containers, let’s have a closer look at the design.

If you haven’t noticed already, there are 4 different tones of brown — dark brown, medium brown, faint orange and yellow. The overall tone of this lens is neutral to cool, despite the the usage of orange and yellow, which are warm colors.

The design of the Ellen Panda lens is made to enlarge the eyes. With a 14.5mm graphic diameter, it’s hard to not notice any enlargement. The dark brown outer ring creates a stark contrast between iris and sclera, while the icy feeling shards draw others in.

ellen panda brown circle lens

If you’re looking for brown lens that are a little more attention grabbing, but not over the top (and too fake), Ellen Panda Brown is the perfect pair for you.

ellen panda brown circle lens

Great news, the Ellen Panda circle lens looks great in all lighting.

ellen panda brown circle lens

Check out how these lens look on me without false eyelashes. IMO, it’s hard to make large circle lens look normal without crazy falsies to help balance them out.

Overall, the lens are slightly too big for my taste, but I’m sure some of you like this kind of look. Below is an enlargement comparison.

ellen panda brown circle lens

Here are some more close ups with varying angled eyeball shots, lol. Ignore my not so nice looking eyelashes *sigh*.

ellen panda brown circle lens

And to finish off my review, some moving gif’s of me wearing the lens. Hope you found this review useful!

ellen panda brown circle lens

ellen panda brown circle lens

Ellen Panda Brown Overall Rating: ★★★★
Color: ★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★
Naturalness: ★★★★

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2 Replies to “Ellen Panda Brown Circle Lens Review”

  1. I have them in brown and blue and I’m in love with this lenses design!
    They look so so so good on you!

    1. oh nice! i have the blue ones too, haven’t tried them out yet, but excited to!

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