Museum of Ice Cream, SF

museum of ice cream san francisco

A couple of weeks ago, I had the chance to visit the Museum of Ice CreamSan Francisco location. This IG famous pop-up art museum started in Los Angeles, but not long after expanded to New York and now San Francisco.

I haven’t personally been to the other locations, so I have nothing to really compare to. But according to friends who went to the museum in LA, I was told that the SF one looks a lot better. That really surprised me because I thought the SF Museum of Ice Cream $uck3d b@llz!

museum of ice cream san francisco

Tickets to the museum are $38 a pop, and practically sell out moments after it’s released online. So if you have any hopes of attending, make sure that you follow the museum online, or subscribe via their website.

museum of ice cream san francisco

A really dumb aspect of the museum experience was that they tried to bring in a social and interactive component into the visit.

Upon entering, we were forced to join a large group of other museum goers. We had to share our favorite flavor ice cream with the group, and then come up with a fun team name. We even had a group leader nominated. After, we had to cheer and act excited together, in order to move on.

Honestly, this actually detracted from the entire experience. Even more so because the groups didn’t even hold up throughout the museum installation rooms. Because we didn’t all know each other, didn’t care for each other, the group was never able to stay together.

In fact, what was dumb was having any groups at all. The museum only seemed to care about one thing, money. The groups were packed so close together, that they quickly blended with groups before and after. It was a mess! We could hardly walk around, and there were lines EVERYWHERE.

museum of ice cream san francisco

Different installation rooms had different sweets to offer, such as:

Other than Bi-Rite, everything was a flunk. I can’t believe that after the ticket price, MOIC couldn’t even afford to give a full mochi, lol! Also, cotton candy?? Pop rocks?? That’s moving a little too far away from the ice cream theme. Looks like the vendors in the bay area are a little too smart to offer sponsorship for this museum.

museum of ice cream san francisco

Regardless of everything, we tried to make the best out of our experience. I mean, you kind of have to after you’ve invested time to visit.

museum of ice cream san francisco

This room below was pretty cool. It was tucked away behind an unexpectedly small door. You actually have to squat and crawl your way in. Luckily in looking at this photo, you can’t smell what it’s like in there. It smelled like feet, body odor, and too much perfume!

museum of ice cream san francisco

Oh, God. The sprinkle swimming pool. So good news, the sprinkles are not real. Attention, the sprinkles are not real. Yes, it’s just plastic. You can wear your white pants, no problemo.

But jeez! It’s a small pool, and impossible to get a photo alone without people in the background. Honestly, I didn’t even want to take a photo… 1) I’m shy, 2) I don’t like the attention, 3) I didn’t want to be a pool hog! But of course, my friends insisted and I allowed them to snap a couple of photos of me being very uncomfortable, haha.

museum of ice cream san francisco

The last portion of the museum consisted of 3 rooms with swings in them. Nothing special…

museum of ice cream san francisco

There’s some other rooms that I’m not really showing in my photos on this blog post… Like the one with giant popsicles, or the one with gummy bears. But really, if you wanted to see them all, I’m sure there are hundreds of photos you can find on IG or the internet, since that’s all anyones doing at the museum — taking photos.

If your interest is still peaked, and you just have to see this place for yourself. Best of luck to you! Otherwise, if you can get over FOMO, maybe try out the Color Factory instead. It’s much better IMO.


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  1. Omg thank you for posting. I thought the same thing in la! Everything you said is exactly how I felt. I should’ve just went to baskin robin for free and would’ve gotten better ice cream.

    1. haha~ glad you and I are in the same boat 🙂 we could have totally had our own ice cream buffet for all that $$$!!!

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