Tiny Swiss Cabin, Hans Zimmer, and Rhine Falls

We went on a short 2 night cabin trip just outside of Zurich back in November of 2019.

The main reason was to attend the Hans Zimmer live concert at Hallenstadion, Zurich. But because the concert was on a Thursday night, this meant that we had to drive to Zurich after work Thursday and then find some place to stay after the concert (or just drive home super late at night). I generally like to do as little driving as possible in a day, so spending the night seemed like the better option.

We drove about 2.5 hours to Zurich, checked into this tiny cabin, and then went to the concert.

The cabin itself is super cute, and I would totally stay there again. It’s located on a farm up in the mountains, just north of the concert venue.

Inside the cabin, you can tell how much love the owner put into building it. 100% Swiss.

The Hans Zimmer concert was kind of a let down. I really like all of Zimmer’s film scores, but attending his concert that he doesn’t perform at sorta sucks. Especially because half way through his show, he advertised another concert that he would be having in Zurich where he’d actually attend in person. Way to piss off your audience mid-show. The people around us (and many others), actually got up and left his concert after that.

Upside is he still had a lot of guest performers, like talented Tina Guo on the cello. She a boss. I’ve always wanted to see her live, so this made up for everything else.

After the concert was over, we ran into some difficulty trying to get our car out of the parking garage. This actually happened to us once before where our car was stuck in the garage overnight. We thought that was going to happen again, but we were lucky and figured out how to get the car out, thank goodness.

Here’s the cabin lit up at night. I love it. At a distance, there’s no other light source around the cabin. Seclusion at it’s finest.

On Friday, we worked from the kitchen table. We had breakfast delivered to the cabin. Most of the breakfast served came fresh from the farm, yum!

It snowed the entire day that we worked and it was dreamy. I really liked being remote and far away from people. This is what it looked like outside of our cabin window (without the snow).

Friday night, we cooked dinner in the cabin, drank wine, and watched a movie. It was really nice, and quite romantic! I felt like I was in a rom-com movie.

Saturday morning, we checked out of the cabin and then drove further north to visit Rhine Falls. I always imagined that it would be similar to Niagara Falls, but it was different. It was more like a gradual, long, cascading waterfall.

The waterfall can be viewed from either side of the river. There’s also lots of paths to hike around to catch various views of the waterfall. To get close to it, you do need to pay an entrance fee. But there are other ways to see the falls without having to pay.

I didn’t do this, but I heard it’s nice to take a ferry to the middle island and get off there. You can climb up some stairs and get a 360 view of the waterfall from the center of it. That’s pretty sweet.

We didn’t visit Rhine Falls on a day with the best weather. It was cloudy and sometimes rainy, but we made the best of it. Happy that I was able to check a couple things off of my imaginary “want to do list” over this weekend.

Later in the day, we headed to Zurich for some ramen and ice cream before going home to Lausanne.

I’ll have to go back and stay at that cabin again someday, or find other cool places like this to stay at within Switzerland!



Anyways, stay safe everyone 🙂
Meanwhile, I’m starting to plan some local trips, and still daydreaming about future international travels, hehe.

x Sarah


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