Life in Lausanne, Switzerland

lausanne city lights

Life in Lausanne, Switzerland is comfortable. It’s the kind of life that you can get used to, but also easily grow to take for granted. High quality at it’s finest.

Here’s a glimpse of our pre-COVID life. Little snippets of it.

We walked around downtown Lausanne to look at the Light Festival.

lausanne lights

For new years eve countdown, we went to the cathedral. Tradition in Lausanne for new years is to light up a bunch of flares in the cathedral and make it look like it’s on fire. A strange tradition indeed, but kinda interesting to see. Afterwards, we headed over to the Great Escape bar nearby, made some friends and had a few drinks.

In the evenings, we often like to take walks down to Ouchy. On this particular evening, the sunset was beautiful at the Olympic Museum. We went inside the museum for the first time this day, because it was free for the month!

olympic museum at sunset

This is our little pet newt. I call him Isaac Newton.


Met Lana. She’s a cute little pitbull mix, and comes over maybe 1-2 times a week while her mommy is at work. We haven’t been really seeing her lately though, because of COVID.

We found a beerpong tournament that’s held regularly in Sion. It was an interesting experience, especially because it was all in French! We played particularly well, but had to forfeit because we needed to catch the last train home.

sion beerpong

In Sion before the beerpong tournament, we had this super heavy meal with our friends. Imagine this, steak covered in this rich buttery sauce and unlimited fries. Oh my.

steak in butter

January 2020 was the month of the Winter Youth Olympics in Lausanne. I bought tickets for us to go to the Opening Ceremony.

The tickets weren’t exactly cheap. Roughly 60CHF per person. I was expecting more, but I guess it was a fun event looking back at the photos.

For the next few weeks, there were many different olympic events that anyone can attend as a spectator. I got tickets to go to see figure skating and hockey.

In addition to sports events, there was also special entertainment events spread throughout the city.

All in all, it was fun to have the Youth Olympics in Lausanne.

lausanne 2020 olympics

I’m happy for the opportunities that we have had to be able to enjoy the city and it’s many events.

x Sarah

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