My Studio Clubbing Event

Last saturday I went to My Studio in Hollywood. It was for my friend Hannah’s sister’s birthday. We got a table at the club with two bottles of vodka. There weren’t that many of us, so there was a lot of alcohol to go around. Here is most of the group that I was with. I only know 3 of them out of the group however.

group picture at my studio

I didn’t really have much time to get ready for this night since it was a last minute clubbing plan that I found out about the day of. Since I wasn’t at my home that weekend, I wasn’t prepared and didn’t have my usual clubbing tools with me. But at least I had most of my facial make up odds and ends. This is me in the bathroom before heading out of the house.

gyaru eye make up for clubbing

Clubbing at My Studio was fun. I got very very buzzed after a few drinks. Drinks are so much better when they are free. The dance floor at the club was super duper small, so I didn’t really bother dancing on the dance floor. Instead I just danced around our table area. We ended up running into a lot of college friends at the club. Totally did not expect to see anyone that I would know at My Studio. Crazy~

One thing I loved about the club was that they passed out these foam sticks filled with different color led lights. You could even change the mode of the lights from strobe, to blinking, and a few others. Awesome!

my studio dance floor

I really wanted to take one of these light up stick things home.. And I managed to get one out of the club. But while I was outside searching for food, I ended up giving mine away to a homeless person. At least they were super happy. The birthday girl is the one on the far left with the blonde hair, in the middle is my friend Hannah, and then there’s me!

Me and my boyfriend ❤

I’m not sure how time flew by so fast that night. I think I got home after 5am. Nothing but good memories 🙂



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