Makeup Forever HD Liquid Foundation Review

make up for ever hd foundation

A few weeks ago, I purchased a new foundation since I ran out of my b.b. cream. I decided to go with the hyped up Makeup Forever HD Foundation $40.

make up for ever hd foundation

My usual routine for my face is:
1. moisturize with facial lotion
2. use b.b. cream or liquid foundation
3. cover up spots with a concealer
4.  lightly brush loose powder all over

My purchase of the Makeup Forever HD Foundation is meant to fit into my step #2 of my usual routine. Here’s what the applicator looks like. The foundation is very silky and not very thick.

When I put the liquid foundation on my face, it feels very light as if I am not wearing any makeup. Also, if you look up close, it looks very natural too. The Makeup Forever HD Foundation provides medium coverage and it is build-able if you want. They also have an amazing range of skin color shades to choose from. Color matching shouldn’t be a problem. I am using shade #123.

After wearing the product for a full day of work, I don’t find my skin getting oily. The product hasn’t caused me to get any pimples either. I think its a great product, but I probably won’t be repurchasing this. I have heard great things about Makeup Forever’s pressed powder however. But I am only looking to use b.b. creams or other liquid foundations.

Here are some before and after’s of me trying to fit the HD foundation into my usual routine. So after applying lotion evenly to my entire face, I….

Before: No makeup, only lotion
After: Makeup Forever HD liquid foundation applied

Before: applied dots of my M.A.C. concealer over spots I want to cover
After:  concealer has now been blended into my skin

Before: me with the HD foundation and concealer
After: how the before looks with Bare Minerals foundation applied on top

Now if you look at the very first before photo of me without any makeup on, you can see a big difference in comparison to the last after photo. Sorry the photo quality couldn’t be better, I took these photos fairly quickly before getting ready to go out. These were taken when I first got the new HD foundation and my skin was not in very good condition. As you can see, I was breaking out a bit from lack of proper sleep and fluctuating hormones, haha.

Makeup Forever HD Liquid Foundation Rating: ★★★☆☆
– medium coverage, but build-able
– a bit pricey
– light on skin, silky feeling, looks very natural
–  doesn’t irritate skin or cause breakouts
– overrated

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