Next Door Lounge

next door lounge

Sorry I haven’t updated in a few days. I’ve been busy attending events and moving into my new apartment!! So far I absolutely love my new place, I’ll show you all pictures once I am finished moving in and have my housewarming party. But that won’t be for another month.

This weekend I went to the Next Door Lounge in Hollywood. It was for a friend’s birthday party. What was nice was that he was able to make a deal with the lounge to not accept walk-in’s, but only people who had arranged reservations. This allowed him to practically have the entire lounge to himself.

The lounge was gorgeous and had a nice 20’s look to it. I loved how the door keeper was a well dressed elderly man wearing white gloves. In order to enter the lounge, we had to whisper to him the secret password ~ what a fun idea.

next door lounge

next door lounge

Isn’t this place beautiful? Too bad it didn’t stay as spacious as it looks in these photos. While I was there, the place was packed and it was hard to walk around, especially because there was so much furniture everywhere.

next door lounge with friends

next door lounge with friends

When I first got to the lounge, we found out that my boyfriend’s cousin was the photographer for the party. Totally didn’t expect that, but awesome! We ended up taking a few pictures together.

waiting at next door lounge for friends

Here’s me and my boyfriend waiting for my other friend’s to arrive to the lounge. The drink that I’m holding is supposed to be spicy and had slices of hot peppers in it. Interesting, but tasted just alright.

at next door lounge with friends

Finally my friends (actually my co-workers) arrived. They apparently couldn’t get in because the lounge had reached maximum capacity. It’s funny because the lounge could only fit 162 people, but the birthday party had over 160 confirmed guests. Go figure.

jay's huge birthday cake
Eventually the birthday cake came out, and it was HUGE! Enough to serve all of us at least. It was yummy.

All in all, it was a fun night of mingling with new and old faces. Cheers!


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