Ron Lynch’s Variety Comedy Show

comedy show flier

comedy show flierLate Saturday night, I attended a comedy club with a few of my co-workers. I went to Ron Lynch’s Variety Show. It was very enjoyable and funny. It was at the Steve Allen Theater in Hollywood, and started at 12 o’clock midnight. There was free parking in the theater lot, and the show was only $8! It lasted until around 2:30am.

The show was very enjoyable as it featured a wide variety of entertainment such as… throwing daggers, sword swallowing, lemon pie juggling, ventriloquists, and much more!

It was my first time going to a comedy club such as this one, and especially at this time of the night. I never would have expected it to start at such a late time. Whats great is the place also allowed you to bring your own alcohol! Awesome! Next time I go however, I will make sure not to sit in the first or second row. Apparently, if you do, you are asking to be taken up on stage. Here’s a video of one of my friends having to go on stage after the juggling act.

A little background story so that you can enjoy the video more.. Scot Nery, the juggler started off the show by juggling lemons and a whipped cream can. In front of him, he had an empty pie shell. While he juggled, he took bites out of the lemons and put whipped cream in his mouth. Once his mouth was full he would spit it out into the pie shell. Eventually when he couldn’t go on any more, he stopped to “bake” the lemon pie. While waiting for his pie to “bake,” he asked for 6 volunteers to come up. Once they were on stage, he began taking off each of their right shoe and put them in a pile. He had them play tug-a-war with tape and said that the winning team would get the shoes, but if the tape broke, then no one would get the shoes. Of course, the tape broke and he stole everyones shoes and they returned to their seats. Finally he took out his pie (which still looked horribly gross), and picked an audience member. He ends up picking my friend, and this is where the video begins…

Totally did not expect her to do this, I think I would have shoved the pie in his face instead. But anyways, this event was great, and I would totally do it again!


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