Palty Natural Brown Bleach Hair Dye Review

palty natural brown bleach hair dye box contents

So last week I dyed my hair using the Palty Natural Brown Bleach (パルティナチュラルブラウンブリイーチ) hair dye. I’ve been wanting to try out this brand of hair dye for years, but haven’t until now. My hair didn’t lighten as much as I was hoping and expecting it to, but it did even out the color and was also very easy to use. The only downside is that since I have naturally black hair, and it was previously dyed red, the results from using the Palty Natural Brown Bleach came out a tad bit brassy. However, this is an easy fix if you use a toner or a blue shampoo.

I chose the Natural Brown Bleach color out of the many available Palty hair dye selections that were available at my local Marukai market. It cost me about ~$11, which I consider expensive since I know I can buy it at other stores for ~$9. But to save myself the hassle, $2 doesn’t really make that much of a difference.

palty natural brown bleach hair dye

Inside of the Palty hair dye box was the bleach cream, activator, nozzle for easy hair dye application, gloves, conditioner, and instructions.

palty natural brown bleach hair dye box contents

Since the instructions are in Japanese only, I’ll give you a quick run down of what the directions say. All you need to do is squeeze out all of the treatment bleach (labeled #1) into the oxide water bottle (labeled #2) and shake for 10 seconds. Next you switch out the bottle cap with the nozzle. Don’t forget to wear your gloves! When dying your hair, you should always section it out dye from the inside of your hair out, and from the tip of your hair to your roots. The most horrible thing to do would be to start at your roots have have the color at your roots be brighter than your tips of your hair. Once you have completely dyed your hair, you need to wait anywhere from 10-30 minutes (depending on what shade of brown you are going for based on the back of the box). The directions also say that you shouldn’t go past 40 minutes or else your hair will be damaged. When the waiting time is up, simply rinse out your hair with water and use the conditioner and you are done!

If you want to dye your eyebrows as well, you should do it with the left over hair dye that you have once you have completely finished covering your hair. The dye should only be on your eyebrows for about 15-20 minutes because you don’t want the color to be the same as your hair, but a couple of shades darker.

Here is the before and after of how my hair turned out using the Palty Natural Brown Bleach hair dye.

palty natural brown bleach hair dye before and after

As you can see from my before and after photos, it doesn’t really look like I bleached my hair, but instead it just looks like I re-dyed it. A few quick notes from using the Palty Natural Brown Bleach… The bleach wasn’t that harsh in my opinion compared to other bleach that I’ve used before in the past. But as a result, the color didn’t lighten as much as I would have hoped. It didn’t irritate my skin and the smell wasn’t overwhelmingly toxic. The packaging was nice and the application and hair dye process was easy to do (even if your doing it on yourself). Most reviews that I’ve seen for Palty hair dye say that you need at least two boxes. My hair is really thin but is also long and goes down to my belly button – I was able to cover all of my hair just fine with one box of Palty hair dye.

Palty Natural Brown Bleach Hair Dye: ★★
– not too harsh on skin or toxic
– you only need one box if you have VERY thin, long hair
– color does not lighten too much
– gives a little brassy look for naturally black hair
– price is okay ~$9-11
– doesn’t damage hair as much as other bleach
– nice packaging
– easy to apply
– instructions in japanese only
– will not be re-purchasing the Palty Bleach


6 Replies to “Palty Natural Brown Bleach Hair Dye Review”

  1. hi i was wondering if you can help me?
    i cant read japanese and i was wondering if it says anything about scratches on head?
    i didnt know i had a little scratch on my head and i just dyed my hair.. does it say if its harmful to the body?

    1. Hello~! I don’t have my box or instructions anymore. I don’t remember reading anything about dying your hair with a scratch on your head either. Honestly though, if the scratch on your head is little, you should be fine. But even if it is a larger size cut, you should still be okay (although it might irritate your skin a little bit).

      If bleach is in concentrated form and it gets into your wound, it can cause a chemical burn, but watered down bleach can actually help treat wounds. Whether you are using bleach or not in your hair dye (I’m referring to hair dye/bleach boxes), it shouldn’t be strong enough to give you a chemical burn. Palty hair dye specifically shouldn’t harm you either.

      Hope this helps 🙂

      1. thank you 🙂
        i was just a little worried cuz it was stinging a bit when i used it ..
        so just wanted to be safe hahha
        thanks for your help!!

        1. no problem, glad I was able to help you feel more safe. haha, trust me, your good unless ur using some crazy super toxic bleach that you shouldn’t even be using on your hair in the first place =P

          anyways, i hope the hair color came out nice!! i think im going to re-dye my hair soon too!

  2. Thanks for your review! I just dyed my black, thick Asian hair with this product and left it on for 30 mins. I noticed a difference, but nothing significant. In regular lighting it looks almost the same, but in the light, it is noticeably brown. The bleach wasn’t very strong, and it left no damage to my hair. I just purchased Palty Hard Bleach in Golden Brown, and I hear these results are much better! Perhaps you will consider trying it out and doing a review on this one instead? 🙂

    1. hey! thanks for commenting. i’d love to test out the palty hard bleach in golden brown, lol.. but idk if my hair can handle it!! it’s pretty damaged right now from the last time i decided to dye my hair at home. ( maybe after i cut my hair i’ll test it out 🙂

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