[Purple] Hair For The Holidays

Last Sunday, I ended up getting my roots touched up and my hair slightly lighter. I think it looks nice~ My hair stylist, Michelle, used a new toner on my hair to make it less orangey yellow, but I think I could use a little more, lol. She told me I could call her to do toner the next time I’m in town again. Not sure when that would be, but thanks. Look!! There’s my new (used) purple Chanel purse in the photo below! Maybe I’ll do a quick post on it and tell the story of how I got it later.

The next day after I dyed my hair (Monday), I ended up taking a half day at work so that I could hang out with my big sis (Stef) and twin (Jesse)! If you don’t know what this means, don’t worry about it. All you have to know is that in College, I was in an Asian sorority and Stef was my big sis in the sorority and Jesse was her lil bro from another Asian fraternity on campus. Therefore, since Jesse and I are Stef’s little’s, we are twins! Get it??

Alright.. so we hung out all day long. They came over to my apartment after lunch and we ended up going out for ice cream at  Scoops Westside. Might I add that this was one of the best ice creams that I’ve ever had?

After eating ice cream, we headed over to Japanese Knife Imports. My twin, Jesse, wanted to look for a new chef knife. They had so many different ones, both American and Japanese style. I must say though, the Japanese style is so much cooler.

My twin ended up not buying a knife… but we did head over to Venice beach where we walked along the board walk and shopped for pieces and random other stuff. As it began to get darker (and colder), we decided to head on back and grab some dinner.

We went to Sushi Karen, one of my favorite sushi restaurants in Culver City. We got some beer and two bottles of hot sake. Hot Sake is my favorite. We drank with the sushi chefs and all the food was so delicious. Here is a snippet of what I ordered: eel, seared salmon, mackerel, and albacore wp-monalisa icon

We had a crazy idea before we got to the sushi restaurant. We were going to try sushi hopping and eat/drink at a few sushi places. But, I guess after getting some alcohol into our system, we changed our minds and decided to have a hair dying party instead!

Once we finished our dinner, we headed over to Sally’s Beauty Supply and got some hair dyes and other goodies. I also picked up some dinner for my boyfriend since he was alone at my apartment playing games. We also stopped by for some beer and snacks… ahahaha and we went shopping at a clothing department store WITH a 12-pack of beer. Now that’s weird.

Here is my big sis and my twin!! Awww family time! This is before we dyed our hairs.

Here are the products that we used to dye our hairs with. The bleach we got was the Beyond The Zone On/Off Scalp Radical Bleach Kit (~$10) and Manic Panic 4oz. Semi-Permanent Ultra Violet Hair Dye Purple (~$12). The bleach kit was great because it was an all in one for such a cheap price! I highly recommend trying that bleach kit and wrapping your hair with plastic or foil under heat.

We got the bleach for my twin’s hair, but since we had extra, I ended up bleaching the under side of my hair. Here’s my big sis bleaching my hair. I actually don’t have a photo of my under side bleached.. so we will have to skip that wp-monalisa icon

After my bleached hair was done, washed, and semi dried… We began the next steps… Purple hair dye time!! To make the ultra violet Manic Panic dye color not as dark, all you have to do is mix in conditioner that is white. Once you mix it, the purple color will be a lot lighter and when you apply it to your hair, you will get a beautiful lavender color. The only thing is, to get your hair to be lavender, you hair needs to be bleached white. Kinda like the color that my big sis’ hair is.

Here are the results of my hair color after dying it. It’s pretty purple… I’m not too sure if the purple goes with the brown.. lol.. I feel like my hair looks like Laker colors.

I washed my hair again the next day and the color was a lot lighter. I like it better now. It is more subtle and looks kinda grey, ashy, and purple.

wp-monalisa icon I think the grey ashy purple color looks nice. What do you think? I really want to dye my hair a bunch of colors… Do you think I should go more blonde? lol wp-monalisa icon

Oh, and my big sis recommended a tone for me to make my hair less yellow. She said it works really really well, so I will be giving that a try.. If it works out well, I’ll do a post on it!

Thanks for reading!!
xoxo Sarah

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6 Replies to “[Purple] Hair For The Holidays”

  1. Hey there…Can see that you had a great day with your sis and your twins…I love the story you share about yu three and can’t wait to hear about how you own Chanel bag :)…Thanks a lot for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment…I saw the Happy feet certificate where you and your bf got for the dancing …quite a co-incidence with my brothers school name right :)…would love to stay in touch.. I’m following you now and hope you do the same…Happy festive season ahead!

    Mimi (Mimzy’s Closet)

    1. haha ok i am more motivated to posting on the Chanel bag then. lol. anyways thanks for following and reading! gonna go check out your blog again now šŸ™‚

  2. I think it’s always been one of my wishes to have purple hair LOL It’s so darn pretty!!
    Especially the ashy purple that you have going on šŸ˜€

    1. yes!! i love purple hair too.. its so pretty if it is done correctly. my purple color has faded soo much now.. but it really makes my hair look SUPER ashy and i LOVE it!! I am actually considering dying my entire hair a super washed out purple.. I think it looks really nice!

  3. I didn’t know you had a twin c:
    Man the sushi looks so good,
    my favorite is the eel one!

    You hair turned out really great!
    love the purple/ash color!


    1. LOL~ i don’t have a real blood related twin. but yes i have a “twin.”
      har har har and the sushi was bombdiggityyy~ thx bday girl!

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