Top 5 Reasons Why Hair Color is Becoming a Worldwide Trend

Black hair is out! Vibrant colors are in! All of a sudden, exciting hair colors are becoming a worldwide trend, especially for the younger generation. Why is this so? In this article, we will list down the top five reasons.

Top 5 Reasons

1. Express Freedom

Hair coloring, just like tattoo and everything associated with fashion and the arts, is a way to express one’s freedom. Does this mean that people are getting rebellious toward their natural identities? Not quite. Rather, they just found a way to celebrate and improve their looks. Hair coloring is done with simple and easy steps. After an hour or so, you will get instant confidence that makes a statement everywhere you go!

2. Look Young

Apparently, hair coloring is not only a booming trend for youngsters but also to older adults. Instead of getting their hair dyed with the usual “boring” colors such as black and browns to cover up their grays, they try coloring their hair as well with red, purple and orange hues. These colors make people look younger and more pleasing. The salon you’d go to should just make sure to find the right and appropriate tone for you. And instantly, you will not only feel young outside but also inside—with a great number of compliments you’ll receive.

3. Stand Out

Celebrities often go with wild colors such as edgy ombré and dyed dipped hair with a mix of pink, green, yellow, orange, magenta, forming a rainbow. Wonder why? It’s simply because they are the ones who always craves for the constant spotlight. Getting inspiration from these stars, more and more people start to lead trends and make it a bang to stand out from the madding crowds.

4. Change Life

Hair coloring can transform your life. Yup, once you were a wallflower. Now with your bleached lavender hair, you look like one who has just come out from an anime manga. Unlike plastic surgery, hair coloring is doable and not really painful. It drastically changes lives! This is why people color their hair also when they have achieved a major milestone or when they want to turn to a new chapter in their lives. For instance, we can see now that many people consider changing their natural hair color after a terrible breakup. Instead of a break-over, they win themselves a makeover. Hair coloring hence is treated as a healing process for them.

5. Add Excitement to Personal Style

Whenever you get word about a hairstyles and products that tackles more than one duty, your ears immediately perk up. That’s normal—because all of us want to add excitement to our personal style. In terms of styling, we can never become too minimalist. If you can’t buy an entire new wardrobe and spend so much cash to enhance your style, just change your hair color. In this light, you get to improve your style with less. Everyone will be focused on your crowning glory, and your rosy-ebony or brown-purple undertones will be as good as gold.

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Hair coloring is an intricate part of our personality. Everyone wants to look interesting and look different. A different hair color gives us confidence that brightens up our mood. This does not have to account for any scientific proof, but people just feel a lot better with drastic colors. If you have not been catching up with this worldwide trend, would you drop by the salon this weekend to give it a try? Strawberry tones can be a good suggestion! Just remember that being comfortable and being presentable at all costs is best. The decision is yours and yours alone.

Author bio:
Thina Erving is a fashionista addict, she is a freelance hair dresser and make up artist. She is also as passionate advocate of preserving mother earth. Follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Hello there~

    Wow! I love this post! And all the things you say are so true! Since i was dyeing my hair, my life has changed so much! I even feel more confident, as a person and i feel closer to the gyaru culture! *_* 😀

    lovely blog by the way! Ive followed you!

    ~ Pata (*^▽^)/★*☆♪

    1. i love having dyed hair! the only thing that sucks is that it damages your hair a bit in comparison to virgin hair. but then again.. i guess if u do it correctly, you should be okay 😀

      dying hair is such a fun way to change up your look dramatically. and yes, to be closer to the gyaru culture!! hehe, thanks for following and for reading pata <3

  2. awesome! I wish I’d look good with such crazy colours!

    Lali pops of colour

    1. I think everyone looks good with color~ you just need to find the right one!! 😀

  3. Nice blog, its great article informative post by Hair Color, thanks for sharing it. Thanks for the information!
    Ive followed you!

    1. thanks so much for following, Jacquelyn! It means a lot to me 🙂

  4. Oh I haven`t seen this post 🙂 It was probably posted when I was sick. I am grateful you featured me and you ares uper duper amazing . 🙂 Thank you.

    1. oh, no problem! glad you like 🙂

  5. Wonderful blog! I’m surprised to see such gorgeous hair styles. I think any girl will look beautiful following those nice hair and makeup trends. Thanks.

    1. agreed! glad you are enjoying my blog, and thanks for stopping by!

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