My Christmas Wishlist

So Christmas is right around the corner, and everyone has been posting their Christmas wish lists. I’ve decided that I want to make a wish list as well! These are things that I like, but I either wouldn’t buy it because of the price or can’t because of the price! LOL. Maybe someone out there in the world would like to buy one of these items for me??? hahahaha~ I’m jk.

URB Clothing Multitone Bubblegum Melting Tights $50.00

Jeffrey Campbell Toledo Spike Platform $80.00 (sold out)

Marc by Marc Jacobs Amy Bracelet with Glitz 36MM Watch $200.00

UNIF Donna Leopard Moto Coat  $132.00

Chanel Cat Eyed Sunglasses 5215Q $530.00

BMW M3 Coupe $60,100.00+

wp-monalisa icon What do you want for Christmas? Is there anything on my list that you like?

I’ve actually been doing a lot of shopping for myself ever since Cyber Monday. I’ll have to do a quick post once I get everything in the mail. I’m *excited*!!

xoxo Sarah

12 Replies to “My Christmas Wishlist”

  1. Melting tights?! Really?? You promise to wear it if I bought it for you? Haha.

    1. Lol sure~ but I think there are other things that I’d rather have that would be more practical. Haha~ I like these but I’m scared that it will rip after a few uses 🙁 and for $50 that scares me!

      1. lol yeah fo $50 it is scary xD

        1. it is.. right??? i have tights that rip after i wear them for about 3-5 times. well.. and some others who have lasted a little longer, lol. but ive never paid more than 10 dollars for any kind of tights!

  2. hahahaha BMW. i would love to get that too!!! xD

    visit my blog ^^

    1. lol yes.. if only i got paid more to be able to afford one. i think with rent and my newly developed shopping addiction, i probably can’t get one… yet. darn~

  3. Oh my gosh~!!
    I want these melting thights too! I have seen them before somewhere in the internet ( i cant remember ) but they´re totally awesome! *-*
    The leo jacket also is super pretty… damn… Love your taste for fashion! ♡

    ~ Pata.

    1. hehe that makes me really happy that you like my fashion picks!! 😀
      those tights are cute, but i dont think i can ever afford them!! i was thinking maybe we can try making it ourselves??

  4. wow, i like the idea with melting tights <3

    1. yea, its an interesting idea and i think it could look really cute and add something unique to everyday outfits 🙂

  5. Lol a car, you silly girl 😛
    I love love love that melting


    1. loll i think i should be able to wish for a car.. it is a wish list after all 🙂
      yes!! melting tights <3

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