Slang Words Every Gyaru Should Know

If you are into gyaru style, I am assuming that you have some experience with Japanese culture. This experience could be taking a Japanese language course, visiting Japan, having international friends from Japan, or simply from watching Japanese shows or anime.

Today we are going to learn some ギャル語 (gyarugo), meaning gyaru or gal lingo. There are lots of 流行語 (ryuukougo) trendy words that come and go, but here is a list of some that you may or may not have encountered. Below is a picture of Yumachi & Aina saying, “agepoyo” \(^o^)/

 “Agepoyo” Words:

  1. ぽよ (poyo) – suffix that sounds cute (ex. 「ぽよぽよ」= poyopoyo)
  2. あげぽよ (agepoyo) – most popular slang word, means to be super excited, energetic (ex.「あっ!コメンットがある!あげぽよ〜!」= Ahh! I got a comment! Yayyy~!)
  3. さげぽよ (sagepoyo) – from さげ (sage), sad, disappointed
  4. しょげぽよ (shogepoyo) – opposite of agepoyo, bored, not excited
  5. らぶぽよ (rabupoyo) – from ラブ (rabu), feeling of love, in love
  6. やばぽよ (yabapoyo) – from やばい (yabai), bad, dangerous, risky fun
  7. ひまぽよ (himapoyo) – from  暇 (hima), nothing to do, free time

 Other Terms:
  1. かみってる (kamitteru) – god like (ex.「あのメイクアップはかみってる〜」= That makeup is god like~)
  2. とりま (torima) – anyway
  3. ぱちこく (pachikoku) – tell a lie
  4. ぱギャル (pagal) – not fully gyaru
  5. うけぴい (ukepii) – funny
  6. 烏龍茶 (oolong cha) – annoying, long hair, brown colored hair
  7. あとんす (atonsu) – thank you

 Twitter Phrases *NAO*:

  1. つぶやく(tsubuyaku) – literally means to murmur, but on twitter it means to “tweet”
  2. なう(nao) – now (ex. 「ロスアンジェルスなう」= I’m in Los Angeles now)
  3. フォローする (forou suru) – to follow
  4. リツイートする (rituiito suru) – to retweet
  5. フォローがえし (forou gaeshi) – to follow someone in return or to follow back

Hope you enjoyed this little random lesson!! I got most of this information from my old high school friends who are Japanese and also from

xoxo Sarah

12 Replies to “Slang Words Every Gyaru Should Know”

  1. I’ll definitely copy and paste this on my notepad…..My brothers are huge fans of Japanese anime and movies …:D…i’ll flaunt the words in front of them and I can imagine how they are gonna respect me after that …lol…great post…I love the way you come up with great ideas to make it interesting…by the way thanks a lot for the lovely comment and taking time to read the post :D…I really appreciate it…Happy Holidays <3

    Mimi (Mimzy's Closet)

    1. lol~ thanks so much! have fun using those words infront of your brothers 🙂
      have a happy holiday yourself! <3

  2. I guess every language has its part of slang.

    1. yeup!! every language does have slang 🙂
      i think its very interesting to learn slang words in other languages, especially if you know the language or have some background in it.

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    1. i think your blog is interesting, i have followed you 🙂

  4. There are some Korean girls who are into this style I think. Also, one can always pick out the Japanese tourists because they always have such extreme makeup. It’s pretty funny


    1. Theres a good amount of people from all regions of the world who have discovered the gyaru culture thru the Internet. Lol. But yea, u can always spot the Japanese tourists. Haha. I’m starting to notice that I’m getting some Chinese/Taiwanese tourist mixed up with Japanese ones now as well since this style is so popular.

  5. Loving the hair! 😀 Cute style ya got there

    1. Thats not me but thanks for looking =P

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    1. i dont have GFC 🙂 but thank you for trying! haha.

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