My Company’s Christmas Party PWNs Urs

I don’t know about all you girls.. But I’m probably older than you? I think most of you are all students still. I started working a little under two years ago (I’m 24 now) for a shopper engagement advertising firm based in LA. This is my second year of attending company holiday parties. Most work places will have a holiday party and I think it’s interesting to see what different companies do. 

I’m going to show you my boyfriend’s company holiday party and then my company’s holiday party. You can decide which one looks better.


~*wp-monalisa icon Boyfriend’s Company Holiday Party wp-monalisa icon*~

Who: Guidance Software 
Where: The Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, CA

The night started off as we got ready from our apartment out in West LA. Here’s my outfit.. It’s pretty simple, I didn’t want to look too flashy because my boyfriend’s company consists of mostly workers in their 40’s and up. I decided to dress more classy and less flashy. Simple grey dress, black coat, cashmere scarf, black tights, shiny pointed black pumps, and my black Chanel purse.

As for my hair, I simply straightened it and clipped up some of it. (note: this holiday party was a bit early in December, so it was before my hair dying appointment) I’m only wearing upper eyelashes because I don’t want to scare away my boyfriend’s co-workers, haha.

Here we are when we first arrived to the hotel. We had to do valet parking, but at least it was free! Isn’t this glowing tree thing pretty? It’s so shiny!! wp-monalisa icon

This is one of the entrances to the hotel. There was a wedding that same night. I would totally love to get married at this hotel, it was sooo dreamy >.<* Check out the hotel’s website for photos of the hotel!! B-E-A-utiful!

When we entered our party area, we found that there were many people already there getting their buzz on. They had coat check, similar to last year’s party, but I decided to keep my coat since I was cold. In the middle of the photo below, there is a free standing bar (3 of them). You can get free wine, beer, champagne, and some mixed drinks too.

We took a few photos next to the Christmas tree of course.

I’m drinking Stella. Yum~ My choice of beer for the night.

After drinking and sampling all of the foods that the servers were carrying around, we decided to take photos at the photo booth. While we were in line waiting to take pictures, I made my boyfriend take a photo of me in the stairway.

Erick’s company holiday party served a fabulous 3-course meal. Below is the menu for dinner and also the photos we took at the photo booth!

This is the dining room area. The room that we were in earlier with the open bar and photo booth was where we “waited” before we were let into the main event room. When we walked into the dining room, there was a dj and dance floor in the center with tables surrounding the dance floor.

I don’t have any photos of the food because the lighting in the room was too dark!! I tried to hard but I couldn’t get any post worthy shots. The food was pretty good, but I think the dessert was the best. For dessert, there was a buffet table filled with a wide variety of sweets to choose from. Loved it!

After dinner was over, Erick’s company raffled off prizes such as iPads, round trip tickets to anywhere in the country, tv’s, beats headphones, and more. It was cool because last year every guest got a raffle ticket, but this year only the attending employees got raffle tickets. I really wanted to win something this year, but we didn’t.. oh well, haha. Two people from our table did win however, so congrats to them! Once all of the prizes had been raffled away, we decided to leave to go to our friend’s house warming party. Since we left early, we missed out on dancing and some more open bar goodness~ meh.


~*wp-monalisa icon My Company Holiday Party wp-monalisa icon*~
Who: Lunchbox
Where: Bardot in Hollywood, CA

For my company’s holiday party, I decided to bring my best friend Teewa as my +1 guest. Last year I brought Erick, but I decided to change it up this year and bring someone else. Because of this, I decided to go back to my home home (parents home) to get ready to go to the party. Below is a little glimpse of my room that I grew up in before I went off to college. Oh yea, and also my outfit for the night! I got this dress when I went to China a few years back. It’s a black checkered-ish strapless dress with a black satin bow around the waist and ruffled bottom. I wore this with black stockings that has a sexy black line that runs up the back of both legs along with my black ankle boots.

I really like how my make up came out. Nothing too crazy of course since this is a work party, but I think it looks nice. Something about doing my make up in my old bedroom feels more right than when I do my makeup at my current apartment.

I ended up taking lots of photos while waiting for my friends and for the taxi to arrive. Our company is nice enough to provide taxi’s to take us to the event and take us back home. I guess that way we can all better take advantage of the free alcohol, lol.

By the time I finished camera whoring, my friends Grace and Teewa arrived at my house along with the Taxi. We decided to just all meet at my place instead of having the Taxi pick each of us up separately. On our way to Bardot, we did pick up Grace’s +1 guest, Bridget. When we arrived at the destination, we found that it was just above the Avalon! There was a small entrance to the right of the Avalon where we were greeted by a man in character. He had a top hat, long beard and mustache, and was wearing a cooky looking black suit. He pointed us in the direction we need to go to get to our company holiday party.

We had to climb up a few flights of stairs, but when we got inside… it was simply amazing. I felt like I had entered another world and I loved it! There were many different workers dressed in costumes. How fun is this??

Here are a few of my coworkers and their dates for the night.

There were lots of interesting performances going on as well such as this aerial dance.

Too bad most of the time we were all too busy to pay attention to any of the performances. We were busy getting drinks at the open bar and eating all of the yummy food that the servers were bringing around to us. We also did a little dancing.. the floor was super duper empty when we were dancing, but by the end of the night it was packed!

Throughout the venue, you would also run into people like the ones below… The guy on the right is on crazy high stilts!

Look at how much taller he is than everyone!!! Lol, there were two of these guys, the guy in red and another guy in white. Kinda creepy actually.

Awww we all look so happy with our free drinks. Open bar’s really make 20-something year olds happy, hahaha.

Of course, at any company holiday party, there has to be a way to take photos!! Last year we rented a photo booth.. but I guess this year, we just hired a professional photographer who took lots of photos of us throughout the venue and on this couch. Lol, do you recognize this same couch in many of the other photos? hahaha.

More aerial performances~ Gif’s are so fun, aren’t they?

Me and Teewa decided to take advantage of the photos and take more together.

*mwah* Haha I feel like I should be blushing in the photo.

The photographer was shooting off so many photos that we had no idea what to do or how to pose!!

One of my coworkers, Lucas the illustrator photo bombed us. Lol, I like this photo though.

Another coworker from my company is the drummer of a Green Day tribute band. They are amazing!! wp-monalisa icon

More random characters throughout the crowd. I love this!!

Chair dancing!! Lol there’s my creative director in the bottom right with the cool hat.

As the night went on, everyone seemed to get a little bit more drunk. Everyone had a great time dancing, drinking, and listening to good music with good folks.

Look at the dance floor now! It’s packed!! We ended up heading out a little bit earlier since our dates drank a little bit too much. This is what happens when you drink one too many long islands!

Overall it was a great night and I really enjoyed it. Thanks so much to those who planned the event for us!! I think my company’s holiday party is pretty good in comparison to all the other holiday parties that I hear about.

wp-monalisa icon Now that you have seen both holiday parties.. Which one do you like better?? wp-monalisa icon

Merry Christmas Everyone!!!

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  1. Ours kicks the ass of Erick’s

    1. haha, i thought so~

  2. Merry Christmas darling! Looks like your parties were lots of fun!

    1. both were lots of fun. i hope you had a great christmas yourself!! 😀

  3. duh!!! your company rocks!!! <3 <3 <3 it looks so much fun and pretty and cool and awesome!!

    happy holidays 🙂


    1. hahaha thanks jalie 🙂
      happy holidays to you too!! <3

  4. I am a tad bit sad to say that I am older than you (won’t say by how much haha)

    I like your office’s party look better on you and i think that party looked a lot more fun!


    1. i feel like everyone between the ages of 23 to 30’s are all the same~ so it doesn’t matter how much older you are than me. hehe, but it does make me happy when i meet other bloggers who aren’t in their teens still!!

  5. i like the second party. looks so fun xD

    visit my blog ^^

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