Spreading More Christmas Cheer

So Christmas is now over.. but my Christmas related posts are not, lol. I’m sorry, I can’t post that quickly!! I feel like I should be writing about New Years and what not, but to be honest, that probably won’t come until early January. You know how I roll~ Ok, now onto my Christmas..

My boyfriend and I decided to get a Christmas tree for our apartment. Here’s my tree! Do you like my decorations? I stole them from my parents home so I didn’t have to pay a single cent. Well… I did end up adding some candy canes that cost about $3. Yum yum!

Gifts, gifts, gifts… Tis’ the season for giving. I would ask you if you finished all of your Christmas shopping, but Christmas is over now… I’m happy I got most of my shopping done somewhat early. Actually, I got my boyfriend’s Christmas present super early for him! He got a new Kindle and a bunch of other junk from Amazon, lucky him!

I decorated our fireplace area. The stockings are no longer up because the tape couldn’t hold them there.

Ever since we got our tree around the first week of December… we never once turned off the Christmas lights. I think that’s why our tree is dying. Oh but I love how the tree glows at night, it reminds me of Star Wars for some reason.

This is what I see when I sit on my bed. The tree!!! Yes my apartment is a small one bedroom, one bath apartment. But I love that I can see the tree from almost all parts of the apartment.

Oh and don’t forget Dumpling~ Here she is being a cutie by the Christmas tree, hehe. wp-monalisa icon

Me and a couple of my best coworker friends did a gift exchange at one of their homes. I got Grace an arcade light switch thing that I thought was pretty cool.. and Hayley a Millennium Falcon ice cube tray thing. Gah~ I thought these gifts were so cool (especially because I love Star Wars), but my boyfriend made me think otherwise wp-monalisa icon

This is what I got… So I unwrapped my present and found a box. The box was sealed with one measly strip of tape, so it was very easy to open. Inside I found lots of tissue paper and plastic trash. I fumbled around looking for what was inside the box but didn’t really find much at all!! All I found was an old looking Cover Girl make up container. I could tell it was really old because of the style and discoloration. When I opened up the old make up container, I read on the mirror, “Out of Makeup?” Inside was a note folded up… I think you can read it for yourself in the photo below.

But wow! What a cute, cleaver, and thoughtful gift! A gift that will keep on giving for 6 straight months. Haha, can’t get any better than that right? If you don’t know what Birchbox is, it’s basically one of those subscriptions where you pay a monthly fee to get a box full of make up goodies.

Yummy food for our mini little Christmas gift exchanging party. Everyone couldn’t stop making stupid dirty jokes with the wieners, oh well, it was funny at least. Hot wings and tater tots, my favs.

Also, here is Hayley’s cat. Isn’t she so cute?

On our way to another Christmas party, my boyfriend surprised me and stopped by at a Maid Cafe… I think, lol. Not sure where he brought me. But he surprised me by getting me the giant Rilakkuma pillow head that I think is oh so cute. Apparently, he had this planned for weeks and the guy was supposed to ship it out to my boyfriend, but we ended up deciding to pick it up instead.

There’s my new Rilakkuma pillow thing that my boyfriend got me on the left! The one on the right was bought for our Anime Expo Maid Cafe Christmas party that we were on our way to.

I managed to stuff that Rilakkuma plush into the green and red polka dotted bag below. Here we are playing white elephant. If you didn’t notice, yes, it was a pajama party and onsies or kigurumi were encouraged.

I don’t have many photos from this event, but here I am with some of the cuties that were there.

Yay, beer pong! I only got to play one game, and I sucked btw. But we won! Cheers~

On Christmas Eve, I went to my family’s house. We had hot pot together..

Oh how I f*cking love hot pot. I will only eat from the spicy side.

I’ll show you some of the gifts that I got for my family. I don’t usually get gifts on Christmas for anyone except for my direct family and boyfriend. I got my niece Lily a cute Hello Kitty backpack that has a sleeping bag inside of it! I (kinda) hate Hello Kitty but I think this is adorable!

I got my brother a Red Wine sample box. I think I finally found a gift that he likes!! Alcohol! For my sister-in-law, I got her an apron set with mittens from Anthropologie since she always has guests over and likes to cook for them.

My mom’s never owned her own camera before, so I got her a really super duper awesome one. I’m kinda jealous to be honest. As for my dad, I got him a wireless surveillance camera. Now he can get as crazy and paranoid as he wants to.. I just hope it doesn’t come and bite me in the a** in the future.

Apparently, my family doesn’t know what to get me so I got money! Ey, but you can’t go wrong with money right?

My niece made me and my boyfriend a really cute card. Haha, she wrote “I love you Sarah Erick.” Awww…

Here I am wearing a red vest and scarf that my mom got me. I look very fitting for the winter!

On Christmas day, my boyfriend and I went over to his family for Christmas lunch. It was more like Thanksgiving honestly, because we had turkey, mashed potatoes, veggies, etc. All very tasty though!

I think this gift surprised me the most. After Christmas break, I came back to work and found on my desk these gorgeous pair of eyelashes and Essie nail polish. Hehe, thanks Arielle! I feel so loved.

Hope all is well with you as we approach the new year and that you had a wonderful Christmas!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah

11 Replies to “Spreading More Christmas Cheer”

  1. Your X-mas tree is wonderful! hope you had a lovely Christmas!

    Lali pops of colour

    1. thanks so much! i hope you had a great Christmas yourself. happy New Year!!

    1. thanks yo

  2. OH my god the food stuff making me crave for! hope u have a happy holiday! i don’t want mine to end ;(


    1. I don’t want it all to end either!! I’ve been having 3 day work weeks and have also been getting off work early on those days. Lol I love it!!! If only I could live in this moment longer.

  3. What a wonderful Christmas spending Sarah c:
    I think your tree looks great! Gotta love Chinese
    hot pot style…


    1. I hope ur Xmas was great as well!! And who doesn’t like Chinese hot pot? It’s sooo good >.< I can eat it everyday!!

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  5. have a very wonderful christmas, dear my lovely sarah 😀


    1. Lol and a happy new year to u 🙂

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