Candy Doll Cheek Color (Strawberry Pink) Review

candy doll blush

In my recent haul, I purchased the Candy Doll Cheek Color blush in Strawberry Pink. I paid $16.30 for it, not including tax and shipping.

candy doll cheek color in strawberry pink

Originally, I saw this particular blush in one of my Egg magazines, worn by Ericyosu.


Cute, huh? Here are some of the other products that she is using. But the one that I am reviewing is the blush on the top right, strawberry pink!

other products featured with the candy doll blush

The packaging for the Candy Doll Cheek Color is nothing too special. Actually, the product itself feels a bit cheap. It’s a super tiny container made of plastic. The product is seriously less than 2 inches in diameter. So this is a bit pricey for what you get. But before you start jumping to any conclusions about this product, please continue reading.

candy doll blush

The product is fairly pigmented. You really don’t need much of it for your face to get a nice color on your cheeks. I wouldn’t recommend using your hand or anything else besides a brush to apply this blush. If you use a brush, you really only need a dab or two per check. Another thing thats nice about this blush is that you can’t really accidentally apply too much and make yourself look like a clown or have uneven cheeks.

candy doll blush opened

The strawberry pink color is quite gorgeous, despite how bright pink it looks. When applied on your cheeks, its actually a really light pink color. This color goes well on any shade of skin, light or dark. I would say that wearing this particular shade of blush, strawberry pink, makes you look “cute” and “innocent.”

candy doll blush before and after

Here is a before and after of the blush. This really isn’t the best photo, especially since my veins on my hands are super duper distracting.. BUT! Trust me, it’s so so so cute when applied on your cheeks (no, not your butt cheeks, silly!).

The Candy Doll blush is also nice because it stays on all day long! Moreover, it did not cause me any breakouts at all. It’s totally the perfect addition to any makeup collection and is a nice add to your daily makeup routine.

Candy Doll Cheek Color (Strawberry Pink) Blush Rating: ★★
– really easy to use, even a 5 year old can apply it without hassle
– a bit expensive, and very small, but good news is a little goes a long way
– doesn’t cause breakouts
– lasts all day long
– works well with all skin shades
– would purchase again! (I want to try all the other shades ^^)

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