FOTD: Cute Bleach Blonde Gyaru

Pretty cute, I gotta admit. I love her lens color too. It’s such a brilliant and bright turquoise/blue color. Also, I love how perfect her skin looks! I’m pretty sure it’s photoshopped though, but who cares right? I can’t imagine anyone being human and having that kind of poreless and flawless skin. Regardless however, she still looks stunning. And about her glasses.. I always think large framed glasses are cute, but personally I would not wear one. I think its dumb to wear them if your not wearing them to correct your eyesight. She has cute lips. Something about her nails looks wonky. Kinda like how my nails looked when I used fake nail tips for the first time, ahaha. A.D.D. much?

2 Replies to “FOTD: Cute Bleach Blonde Gyaru”

  1. This is what Dumpling thinks of this:
    :walk: :poop:

    1. lol glad to see that my new emoticons are coming into use :cute:

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