Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) Review

koji dolly wink liquid eyeliner deep black

A while back I ran out of all my liquid eyeliners. I was left with using either my mac pencil eyeliner or my maybelline eye studio gel eyeliner. But now, finally! I bought a new liquid pen eyeliner! I finally have the Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner in deep black. I wanted to try this for a long time because I am a huge fan of pen eyeliners. However, I never bought it because of the price. But I ended up buying it from Sasa.com for $13.50.

koji dolly wink liquid eyeliner deep black

About the Ink and Pen…
The ink is super spot on blackest of the black. It also comes out very smooth and inky. Not that kind of ink where it’s kinda scratchy and dry, or overflowing with ink – but the perfect even flow of ink that we all love. The Dolly Wink eyeliner is also very easy to make super thin and precise lines with. I hate when the tip is too long and its hard to control what you draw, but the Dolly Wink eyeliner tip is just the right length and firmness.

dolly wink eyeliner sample

Wearing the Dolly Wink Eyeliner…
Some awesome additions to the eyeliner is that it is waterproof and will stay on all day without a smudge or fade. Another great thing is that it dries fast. I hate it when I apply eyeliner and then I blink and have black smudges and marks above my eye from my double eyelids.

Removing the Eyeliner…
When removing, you really only need to use water! I know it’s weird because it’s waterproof, but it actually comes off very easily if you wipe it off with water and a facial tissue. And whats more is that it doesn’t leave behind a black/dark tint on your skin if you wipe it away. Perfect for when you make a little mistake drawing your eyeliner (*^^*)

Other Comments…
Basically I love love love the eyeliner so far. This might very well have beat dozens of other eyeliners that I’ve purchased in the past year. The only thing now that I worry for, is how long the eyeliner will last me. Often I’ll find a eyeliner that I like, but it just won’t last me for more than a month, sometimes even a week! And that pisses me off. The best eyeliner I’ve ever had was from Korea and lasted me well over a year believe it or not. Only the test of time will reveal how worth it, it is to repurchase this eyeliner. But other than that, I absolutely love it!

Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) Rating: ★★
– easy to make super thin or thick lines
– good flow of ink and nice dark black color
– the tip is the perfect firmness and length for drawing control
– waterproof and stays on all day without a smudge
– dries quickly, not causing accidental smudges from blinking too early
– can wipe off with water and a tissue without irritating or over rubbing the eye
– doesn’t leave a dark tint of black after wiping eyeliner away
– would totally purchase again

7 Replies to “Koji Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner (Deep Black) Review”

  1. Compared to this, other things are :poop:

  2. :rabbitride:

  3. […] a good while now, my Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner has run out. It still draws, but not as dark as it used to. Now it seems to look like a more washed […]

  4. i wanna try to make it out. Cause I have much trouble with eyeliner. And the most terrible is i was look a like panda

    1. Get Stilla!! I think I like it more than the Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner 🙂

  5. hi…As i know Dolly winks comes with pencil and liquid.Which one is good for the beginner?
    Pls reply me TQ

    1. if you are not very experienced in drawing nice clean lines with eyeliner, i would recommend starting off with a pencil since it is a lot easier to use.

      but if you feel like you are good at drawing and have steady hands/ your eyes are used to having something really close to it… you can try a liquid eye liner. i like liquid because you can get a super black precise line with it.

      hope this helps! let me know if you have any other questions~

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