Dolly Wink No.5 Real Nude Lower Eyelash Review

dolly wink no.5 real nude eyelash review

While I was shopping at the Mitsuwa market, they had a sale on a few of the Dolly Wink lower eyelashes. I ended up purchasing the Dolly Wink No.5 Real Nude Lower Eyelash (~$15.00). There were a few other ones that I could have tried, and honestly probably would have liked better. But for some reason while I was shopping, I felt like getting the more natural looking lower eyelashes. These eyelashes, like all Dolly Wink eyelashes, comes with two pairs and a mini dolly wink eyelash adhesive glue.

I don’t usually use the glue that comes in the eyelash container, so my dolly wink eyelash adhesive glue has never been touched. The nice thing about these eyelashes is that they can be re-used a good many times. This is great especially considering how pricey these eyelashes come out to be.

dolly wink no.5 real nude eyelash review

In my opinion, the No.5 Real Nude lower eyelashes are just alright. I don’t love it, but I don’t hate it. I can see how it would look really nice with super clean and natural looking makeup. But it doesn’t work well with the kind of makeup that I like to wear if I go out partying at night. Since I like to use heavy eyeliner, the eyelashes don’t show up too well or make much of a difference. These would be gorgeous eyelashes if you want to wear them during the daytime or to an event where you want to not look like a hooker, LOL. That being said, these aren’t really the eyelashes for me.

Dolly Wink No.5 Real Nude Lower Eyelash Rating: ★★
– comfortable and doesn’t feel like you are wearing anything
– very thin and natural, complete opposite of anything dramatic
–  soft and flexible band makes the ends not “pop off” later on in the day
– easily worn for hours and hours
– reusable if taken care of

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