Harajuku Holiday @ Royal/T by Tune in Tokyo

lolita girls

Last week I went to the Harajuku Holiday event at Royal/T cafe in Culver City, hosted by Tune in Tokyo. Sorry I took so long to write about this event. To be honest I was dreading having to prepare all of the random photos that were taken at Harajuku Holiday (~_~;)

harajuku holiday flier hosted by tune in tokyo

At the event Harajuku Holiday, there were performances from May J and Joe Inoue. Both of which I thought were very good. May J was very beautiful too! I liked Joe Inoue’s music very much. One of the songs, not sure which one, really caught my attention and I loved it. Both of them really knew how to get the crowd involved during their performance.

may j at harajuku holiday event

Besides there being performances, there were also lots of venders selling goodies of all sorts. Here is the Chubby Bunny booth.

chubby bunny booth at harajuku holiday event

I thought these three girls were especially cute in their kapibara-san outfits.

kapibara san girls

Towards the end, there were two fashion shows, one for lolita style, and another one for fashion forward.

lolita fashion show

lolita girls

more lolita

And finally, here are just some random photos of me, Grace, and others from he event. Hope you enjoyed this post!

me and grace

me and grace again outside of royal/t


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  1. Perfect perfect post! 😀

    1. Thanks Grace 🙂

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