EYE Eyelash Adhesive Glue Review

eyelash adhesive package

So I tried out my new eyelash glue, EYE eyelash adhesive glue in clear-white, from Sasa.com. The glue was super duper cheap and less than $3.00.

eyelash adhesive package

The glue is nice and claims to be waterproof. I’m not sure if it’s the world’s largest seller, but I guess so..

The glue applicator comes in the form of a nozzle. When I took off the eyelash adhesive glue, there was no seal on it. No need to turn the cap around and poke open the tip or anything of that sort. The eyelash that I had before was nice because it was a brush and I was able to apply the glue very precisely and also control the amount that I wanted to use. It was also perfect for creating super large double eyelids.

To use the product, you just need to apply a thin line along the base of the eyelash. It’s also a good thing to add a little extra glue to both ends of the eyelash. This helps prevent the eyelash from popping off. You should also wait a bit until the glue becomes sticky before you apply it. Before putting it on, you should bend the fake eyelash into a horseshoe shape to help it fit the shape of your eye better. But I’m sure you all already know this bit in information. Most people use tweezers to apply false eyelashes, I suck at using this method. I just use my fingers. As a side note, the application of the false eyelashes should be the last step to all of your eye makeup (eye shadow, eyeliner, and all).

This glue comes out white, but after a couple of minutes, it dries clear.

EYE eyelash adhesive Rating: ★★
– cheap and very affordable
– not a big fan of the nozzle type application, but I don’t mind because I like the price
– I like that it dries clear
– the adhesive glue sticks for a good amount of time
– I would purchase again

4 Replies to “EYE Eyelash Adhesive Glue Review”

  1. I switched to this after learning duo contained formaldehyde. Haven’t tried it yet but I’m hopeful!

    1. Oh, I had no clue about duo! My go to lately has been Dolly Wink… but mostly because I have so many of those free glues that come with the lashes. They make for great emergency travel glues though!

  2. I bought EYE eyelash glue and it is not good for my eyelids. I applied it last night and woke up with swollen eyelids where I had applied the glue.

    1. I’m sorry to hear! That’s really horrible that you went through that. I would perhaps test the product again on another area of your skin to confirm that the irritation is specifically from the glue. Eyes can be sensitive, and there can be a number of reasons for why your eyelids became swollen. Take care <3

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