FOTD: Sweater Gyaru

So cute huh? Light skin really does look nice with any hair color. Too bad I’m not interested in having light skin. I think tan is sexier. I do like her make up though. Also the blush, photoshopped or not, makes her look really cute and innocent. Wearing a big sweater like that also makes her look super petite, thus adds to the cuteness. Love it.


2 Replies to “FOTD: Sweater Gyaru”

  1. it looks really cute, first time reader on your blog! I do think tan looks better, summer just past and my tan lines arent so attractive though lol

    1. thanks for reading! lol thats the one thing bad about tanning.. getting tan lines (well and possibly skin cancer, haha). thats why i use spray/self tanners :excited:

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