Rainy Day Car Accident

For the last few days, I haven’t been really posting much on my blog, and I apologize for that. Let me update you a bit on what happened to me this past weekend, and yes… the blog post title says it all   I got in a car accident.

It all happened this past Saturday. The rain was pouring (and hailing) and I had many appointments to attend to that day  . I had to go to two doctors appointments, and also to a restaurant to meet with the catering/events department to figure out plans for my dad’s birthday.

My day didn’t start off to well because the night before, I went out bar hopping with my coworkers. I ended up getting a late start to my day and missed my first doctors appointment! Then at my second appointment, I found out that I couldn’t be seen by that doctor. On my way to my 3rd appointment at the restaurant.. I got into an accident.

I was coming around a turn going about 35 mph and had completely finished the turn when all of a sudden, I felt my tires loose traction! This has happened to me many times before, but I usually regain control of the car. However, this time in particular, I didn’t. Before I knew it, the car began turning. First the back end of my car shifted to the right and soon after, I was spinning down the street doing 360 degree turns. In the car with me was my boyfriend and dumpling  !! The only thing I could think about while we were spinning around in the car was that I needed to somehow regain control of the car and not hit anything. Of course that was a fail and I ended up hitting a parked BMW and then stopped after running up the curb just before hitting a tree.

It was really quite a blessing that none of us (or anyone else) got injured from this accident. As you can see in the photo, thats the street that I drove down (its actually down hill, although its hard to tell), and the silver car parked in the back is the one that I hit, and my car continued to spin until it stopped here in the picture.

After the accident happened, it was really quite embarrassing and I didn’t want to get out of the car. I really hate it that I’m an asian girl and just contributing to the stereotype.. Whats funny was that earlier that morning, me and my boyfriend saw another car spin out right infront of my apartment. I proudly said to my boyfriend that something like that would never happen to me and that I’m not afraid of driving in the rain. Haha, God totally slapped me in the face that day.

Thankfully my insurance will be covering the damages on the other vehicle that I hit. Too bad my insurance policy doesn’t cover my car though.. I ended up getting it towed to a nearby auto repair place. I just got a call from them and it will cost at least $2,800 just to get my car running again   It always seems like every time I save up money, I end up having to spend it again on some kind of accident or misfortune that I run into.

For now, I have no car and I will soon have no more money. But I guess there is always a first for everything, right? At least the rest of my weekend was great! I partied all weekend long…  


2 Replies to “Rainy Day Car Accident”

  1. ouchhhh, i just got into car accident tooo, totally understand how u feel, means taxiii everyday for a week 🙁

    1. aww, you got in an accident too? accidents totally suck. this was my first one. oh well, at least we are both alive.

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