Mad Men: Remmel Moisture Renew Rouge Red Lipstick Review

remmel moisture renew rouge red

mad men logo

As we all should know, last night was the season premiere of the popular AMC tv show, Mad Men. One thing very fun about Mad Men is the make up, styles and outfits. It really does make the 60’s look like an appealing decade to live in.

estee lauder advertisement

Recently, Estée Lauder has created a lipstick and blush in recognition of the Mad Men season premier. The color is nice, and so are the advertisements, however this look and color is very easily recreated with other brands.

estee lauder mad men collection lipstick and blush

As a tribute to Mad Men, I have purchased my own red lipstick by Remmel from the Moisture Renew collection in 850 ROUGE red. The color is a deep red, and I love it! I bought mine from Walmart for about ~$5.

remmel moisture renew 850 rouge red

remmel moisture renew rouge red

The packaging for this lipstick is very cute. What girl doesn’t love purple and crowns? I wore this lipstick for the first time in hopes of wearing it to a friend’s Mad Men premiere party, but unfortunately was unable to attend . At least I got to test the lipstick, yea?

Thankfully, the Remmel Moisture Renew lipstick did not get red all over my teeth like some other lipsticks do. I would say that overall, the color was long lasting, despite that I was eating and drinking throughout the day. The only annoying thing that I found was that I would find random smudges of red on my fingers at times. Never really knew how often I touched my lips… The lipstick didn’t dry out my lips either. I usually wear Chapstick religiously, so I tend to not have much of a problem with this. The color is gorgeous btw. It’s a very beautiful deep red without any hints of pink or corals. Also, its more on the medium to darker shade of red, which makes me want to die because I love it oh so much. 

Here are some random photos of me wearing the lipstick!

Remmel Moisture Renew in 850 Rouge (red) Lipstick Rating: ★★
long lasting color
– doesn’t really get on your teeth (thank God)
– applies smooth and doesn’t dry out your lips
– affordable and easy to find
– beautiful deep red color, great for asian skin tones
– it does get all over the place when you are trying to eat and drink

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