Harajuku Lovers Earrings

harajuku lovers earrings on my left ear

Not too long ago, I purchased a little gift  for myself… a couple of cute Harajuku Lovers earrings! I bought studs(~$10)and safety pin dangle(~$15) earrings from Nordstrom Rack. I’m not going to write too much because I think my photos can speak better than my words…

harajuku lovers stud and safety pin earrings

harajuku lovers studded earrings

harajuku lovers safety pin dangle earrings

The little details such as the branded logo on the earrings are very cute for some reason. The quality of the Harajuku Lover earrings are good too. The color of the silver is very bright and clean looking. It grabs people’s attention very easily by how shinny it is. Also the earring studs themselves sparkle like mad. Check it out below..

My left ear:

harajuku lovers earrings on my left ear

My right ear:

Look how amazingly sparkly the earrings are! Yes, I know they are huge on my ear! But anyways, I know it’s useless that I showed you my left and right ear, but honestly, it’s because I couldn’t decide which picture to use because they were all so sparkly and I am deathly attracted to shinny things.



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  1. Thank you for your sweet comment! Fun finds! Love the safety pin earrings!


    1. Thanks Giovanna! <3

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