Arm Cell Roller Review

arm cell roller

A while back, one of the items that I purchased from was their Arm Cell Roller (~$2). I actually bought this for fun since I needed to spend a couple of extra dollars to get the free shipping. I remember seeing the Arm & Thigh Cell Rollers for about $10 at Japanese markets, so when I saw this on I decided, “why not, it’s so cheap, I’ll just try it for fun.”

arm cell roller package

I think what most normal people think when looking at a product like this is, “who the hell would buy that?” Haha, so I wanted to be the one to buy it for you and tell you how it is. Of course just by looking at it, I seems to appear to be utterly useless and basically, a dumb product. But let’s take a closer look now.

Massaging yourself regularly has been proven to help aid in weight loss and diminishing the appearance of cellulite (although I myself cannot attest for this because I have never been able to notice any physical changes).

arm cell roller

How To Use The Arm Cell Roller:
How this product works is that you are supposed to put one arm between the massage beads and roll it up and down the length of your upper arm for 5 minutes per arm. So that means a total of 10 minutes to do both arms. It is recommended to do this while bathing or showering. The product can also be used on your legs as well.

arm cell roller close up

Up close, you can see that the massage beads are actually on circular rings that spin around as you roll them across  your arm. These rings can also move up and down on the stick but cannot move down further than the little plastic ring pictured on the far right of the photo above. There are 50 massaging knobs in total (25 on the left, and 25 on the right).

Another thing that you may notice is that these beads are made out of plastic, and are actually not entirely smooth. The product in general is made pretty cheaply, and as a result, if you use it on your bare skin, it may scratch you a little (really not a big deal, but it could be if your a little whiney girl). If this is something that bothers you, I would recommending wearing a thin long sleeve shirt  while using the roller.

arm cell roller flexibility

The way the product was made was to be flexible. You don’t need to worry if your arms are fat, because the roller can stretch to be wider to fit your arm size. This roller actually fits perfectly for my arm size. If I was any skinnier, then I probably wouldn’t be able to use the product. Haha, but if you are too skinny to use the product, then you probably don’t need a cellulite roller! So, EF YOU you skinny hoes and  stop reading this review! Oh yea, this product stretches enough so that I can actually use it on my fat thighs.

So does this product work?
This is a great question… and I have no answer for you. All I can say is that I’m sure it will help a bit, but I can’t imagine that by using this product alone, people will be going up to you and saying “oh wow, look at your cellulite less body, you look stunning.” So in conclusion, I think this product is nice as a simple and cheap massager. I wouldn’t use it for the purpose of getting rid of fat or cellulite, but only use it as a massager. Honestly, if you want this product for what it claims to do, I would recommending just using a simple wash cloth and scrubbing your whole body in the shower for a good 5 minutes instead. You probably won’t see any noticeable results using this product. Also, if you think you do see something, you are most likely imagining it and it is all in your head.

Arm Cell Roller Rating: ★★
– this product is very cheap and affordable through
– good massager, but probably not the best option for getting rid of cellulite – try a simple wash cloth instead!
– made cheaply, but for what it costs, why not?
– can be used for many different sized humans (arms and thighs)
– plastic knobs/massage beads may scratch your delicate skin
– use without any expectations and you will be happy



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