Renaissance Pleasure Fair


renaissance pleasure faire in irwindale

This past Saturday, I went to the Renaissance Pleasure Faire in Irwindale, CA. I must say, it was pretty amazing to be there and I truly enjoyed every bit of it despite the scorching heat. Here is a photo heavy post of parts of my day at the faire. Enjoy!

flower headpiece

Many shops sold beautiful handmade headpieces made of flowers, feathers, and ribbons. Workers from the shops were very interesting and would yell things at you if you had a “naked head.”

detailed masks and the mask maker

There was a shop that had beautifully decorated and designed masks of all sorts. I didn’t get a photo of all of maks, but they were all amazing. In a tiny sectioned off area of the shop was the owner who was busy molding new masks designs.

shop keepers

There were tons of neat little shops that sold all sorts of gadgets and clothing. Almost everything sold at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire was specific to the time period (or at least tried to). It really made you feel like you walked into a whole different era. Truly exciting! 

odds and ends

Here are some things that I thought were fun that I wanted to buy.. On the top left are some neat skulls. I actually ended up buying the big black one for my friend Grace for her birthday! Below the skulls are puppets! The puppets can move and perform different actions while sitting on your shoulder. To the right are a bunch of wands… Oh gosh, I really wanted a wand.. They even had all of the Harry Potter wands too! I wish I could have got one, but I guess it would have been $60 spent on a cool stick. Above the wands are cool hair accessories. Basically your hair goes inside of the spiral and the spiral just sits in a section of your hair. It’s quite pretty.

Here are some random snippets from the day. Look at the cute dog with the cart that he pulls!  Awww.. Below that is the Queen being carried around the faire. There are also lots of people sitting around at this little cafe by the entrance. I’m not sure whats going on in the last photo, but there was a life size wooden person that these people were walking around with.


While we were at the faire, we also went to watch the Jousting show! It was very entertaining. There were 3 riders, and they each had unique personalities. They did all sorts of competitions and finally jousted. This was my first time seeing this, but it was very enjoyable.

food and drinks

We got some beers.. yum! And I got a shepherds pie. It was really good. There were other things that we had like turkey leg, chocolate covered frozen bananas, fries, corn, and such.. But I failed to capture them before they were already devoured.

interesting people

Almost everyone at the faire was dressed up. When I say dressed up, I don’t mean simple halloween costume dressed up, I mean full on layers and layers of clothes that looked super legit! I was totally blown away by the quality and detail of everyones outfits. Btw, the to images featured to the left are super weird. Those people are weird, but I like it. You have to go to the faire to find out why they are so strange.


There were lots of different activities at the faire. Two of my friends did fencing for 30 mins (only $7/person!). I went on the giant swing ($3/person). The swing was seriously the highlight of my day there.. besides the fact that the workers try to steal your shoes. Watch out for them. There were also lots of other activities that you could do there such as archery, knife throwing, axe throwing, games, and tons more.

Here’s me and Hayley and also another photo of me with Grace.

Overall, the trip to the renaissance faire was awesome! But also.. super duper expensive. I think I spent maybe $100 for me and my boyfriend? Anyways.. it’s definitely a faire worth checking out. My photos do not capture the awesomeness of the faire!

Thanks for reading!
xoxo Sarah



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