Harvard & Stone + Sprinkles Cupcake Vending Machine


Recently I went to Harvard and Stone in Hollywood for Grace’s birthday! I’ve never been to this bar before, but it was super cool! I especially LOVED the dancers there oh so much. My favorite of all the bars and clubs!

Here’s what me and Grace wore to the bar. Leather jackets with black tops and shorts.. and heels (for me at least, since I’m so short).

At the bar, it was really nice. I don’t many photos because we weren’t allowed to take photos or videos while the dancers were performing… Let me tell you about the dancers though.. They were awesome! Not your typical dancers. They were fully clothed at first and would dance around the bar, EVERYWHERE. No joke.. They would be climbing up ladders, swing around on poles, dance on the bar, on the second floor railing.. basically everywhere. And they were good! They really knew the music well and also had choreographed routines at certain points. They were hot even though they had clothes on, but eventually the clothes came off and they were in bra and panties. So hot~

After a fun night at the bar, we decided to go to the Sprinkles Cupcake Vending Machine. But before we got there, we found a bunch of dollar bills scattered all the way down the street on the way to our car. And then we found a wallet! But we ended up putting all the money back in the wallet and dropping the wallet into a mail box for the post office. Supposedly the post office will mail back wallets for you if you do that.

It was a fun night of chaos. My goal for that night was to get some carne asada fries and I successfully got it after the cupcakes. So it was a good drunken night.


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  1. Lovely to have vending machines..hope you ll had an amazing time the pictures look really fun.

    1. thanks pat 🙂

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