2b Skirt Ready Lotion Review

2b skirt ready leg

A couple of months ago, I got the 2b Skirt Ready lotion from Ebay.com (~$25). I first saw it on Sasa.com (~$43.50) and took notice to it for it’s numerous positive reviews (350+ reviews and perfect 5 stars). Almost everyone swore by the product and that it really works.

2b skirt ready leg

The product claims to do the follow:

Firm hips and thin your entire leg – ingredients used to diminish fatty tissues by helping with blood circulation after a 4-6 week application

Targets muscular legs – helps to get rid of excess water and to activate tissue metabolism to slim legs.

Smooths, whitens, and removes leg hairs – moisturizes your skin, making it smooth, supple, and finally whitened. Also helps in preventing leg hair growth.

2b skirt ready

So I’ve been using this lotion every single night before I sleep. I’m practically done with the bottle after about a month and a half. The product recommends to use at least 2 bottles to see good results. I have heard from other reviews that the product did not work for them after the first bottle, but that they did begin seeing results after they’ve begun their second bottle.

2b skirt ready

The 2b Skirt Ready lotion actually doesn’t come with much. Each time that you are supposed to apply the lotion, you are supposed to use about a strawberry size. This leaves you with not much product to use over the course of time lasting you roughly one month.

2b skirt ready legs lotion texture

The lotion itself has a sort of herbal smell (not the bad and over powering herbal scent). The texture of it is thick like gel. After rubbing the lotion onto the legs, it feels a little sticky. Once the lotion has been fully absorbed by the legs, it leaves this weird feeling of dryness for some reason. Don’t get me wrong, your leg isn’t dry, it just feels oddly smooth and dry.

2b Skirt Ready Lotion Rating: ★☆☆☆☆
– doesn’t slim legs after one bottle
– doesn’t do much for leg hair either that I can notice
– expensive for little product and what it does
– you are better off just doing 10-15 mins of dedicated exercise a day, don’t waste your money
– maybe it moisturizes? too bad I don’t like the feeling of the lotion after I apply it..
– will not be repurchasing and I do not recommend this product

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