Nails Inc. London Magnetic Nail Polish Review

magnetic nail polish result

Trends in nail polish seem to come and go quite quickly. Do you remember how quickly the crackle nail polish blew up and how fast it died? Well guess what, there’s a new nail polish trend, magnetic nail polish. Yes, you read correctly. But of course, if you follow nail blogs, you are most likely well aware of this up and coming nail trend. I most recently purchased Nails Inc. London’s Magnetic Polish (~$17) from Sephora out of curiosity.


Hehe, this is my work desk pictured above. I shot these photos during my lunch break  This product comes in 5 different shades, you can check it out on the Sephora site. There are also different patterns that can be made with the magnetic cap.


Here is a close up of the product. As you can see, there is a cap that fits over the nail polish handle. This cap is part of the magic of how the nail polish works.


To use the magnetic polish, you apply a layer of nail polish as you normally would. The end result is that your nail will look like how it does pictured on the right.


To get the cool effects from the nail polish, you need to take the cap that the nail polish comes with and flip it upside down. On the cap, you will find a ledge of plastic that you can use to rest on your finger. Simply hold the cap above your nail for about 10 seconds and watch and the nail polish begins to shift. Then you’re done!

magnetic polish results

Here are the results of the magnetic nail polish. I think it actually came out nicely. Also what’s cool about the magnetic nail polish is that when you move your fingers around, it has this holographic look to it where the lines seem to shift around.

magnetic nail polish result

Here are some tips to getting good results with this magnetic nail polish:

  • use the magnet cap after each finger that you do
  • make sure to use the magnetic cap while the nail polish is still wet (it dries very quickly!)
  • use the magnetic cap on your second coat of nail polish
  • be careful not to let the magnetic cap touch your wet polish!
  • the effects show up better if you are not too stingy with the amount of polish in your coat

magnetic nail polish results

Nails Inc. London Magnetic Nail Polish Rating: ★★★★☆

  • easy to use and dries very quickly
  • long lasting, high quality polish
  • there are only 5 colors available, and not really colors that are fit for the season in my opinion
  • a tad bit over priced?
  • fun to use and play around with
  • can use as a straight nail polish without the magnetic effects
  • I love it! I would purchase the other colors if the nail polish were cheaper 🙂

4 Replies to “Nails Inc. London Magnetic Nail Polish Review”

  1. Oh wow! I am not into
    nailpolish much but
    I admire their ‘technology’

    I think it’s quite pricey tho!
    I would be even more
    fun if they come in
    different colors!


    1. yes its very pricey. i can’t afford any more colors, haha. but i do find myself looking at my nails often because they look so shiny and seem to chance as i move my fingers around. reminds me of the inside of a pretty shell 🙂

  2. ekkk! sooo cooool!

    1. yea i think its very interesting 🙂

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