Summer Night Life

The first several weeks of this July, I haven’t been doing a good job of posting anything. So this blog post is just to share with all of you some of my weekend night life activities… Enjoy!


It was actually my first time going to The Edison bar in downtown LA. The place itself was very nice and the crowd appeared to be in their late 20’s to mid-30’s. I don’t really have many photos from this night. Most of my photos were taken before heading out to the bar. Here is me and Grace at my apartment.

I also took some photos in my bathroom after I finished doing my make up. LOL~~ don’t judge me!! I took these solely for my blog, I swear! ahahahaha 

Finally here is one photo from inside of the bar…

Oh gawd. So maybe its a good thing that I don’t have any other photos from this night because I totally BLACKED OUT. I remember almost nothing after the third drink that I had. I blame it all on the Jack Daniels that I was chugging in the car prior to entering the bar.

This was actually my first time that I ever got kicked out of a bar. Never happened to be before.. anywhere. But yes, I guess there should be a first for everything!


Or should I say… Warehouse Loft Party? So a few of my co-workers moved in together a few months ago and they spent a lot of time fixing up the place. Their new home is simply gorgeous. I might add that they built all of their furniture by hand. And no, I’m not talking about Ikea furniture, I’m talking about getting wood from Home Depot and straight up designing and building your own furniture type of furniture. Besides that, they’ve made their own walls, painted and heavily designed the whole entire place. I’m astonished.

There was so much food too! I love it! (of course I do) Their lights are so cute too! When I took the picture above, I was actually standing on another bedroom level a little higher up than the one across from me in the photo.

The place was fairly large, about 3,000 sq. ft. to be exact. They even had their own loading dock, whoa – right?

On the wall that they built, they allowed guests to tag it using markers and spray cans. I seriously didn’t feel like I was at a house warming party, more like an art gallery opening. T’was beautiful.


Before heading out to Colony Club in LA, a few of my friends came over to get ready together and to preparty at my apartment.

My girls – Michelle, Vivian, me, and my bestie Teewa.

S & T forever and ever and ever ~ I love her! Isn’t she hot? And how hot is that dress that she’s wearing? O-M-G.

Here is a couple of camera whoring shots for you guys. Sorry I don’t have an appropriate outfit shot for you, but you get the idea. I love this top btw, especially the back. I wish you could see it!

Anyways, now for the club. I don’t have many photos as usual (since I’m so busy drinking and dancing).. but here are some taken by the photographers at the club.

We got a table at the club for Hiroshi’s birthday. We are the group on the right bottom of this photo.

The photographer took some horrible photos of me, but I will just go ahead and post them since they are already online anyways..

It was a fun night with the girls.


For one of my good ole friends from high school, we went to celebrate her birthday PART I at Rahel Ethiopian Vegan Cuisine in West LA.

The type of dinner that we had and everything about it was quite different from what I expected. Before eating, they came around with a tray and a kettle of water for us to “wash” our hands in. I’m not sure how clean your hands can get from simply washing them under some water, but sure, why not~

Next, about the meals. The food was shared in these giant bowls that took the place of having to have a table.

The food was mighty delicious might I add. Oh, and the place allowed you to bring your own alcohol.. and they don’t charge a corkage fee! Sweet~!

The food was quite different from anything that I’ve ever had before. Honestly, I don’t know what I was eating, but it was pretty bomb.

After we finished up our meal, they brought out a cute little vegan cheese cake for the birthday girl, Elis!

Oh God, look at all these girls trying to take photos of her with the cake before she blows out the candle.

And finally, here is a group picture of us outside of the restaurant! Thus concludes part I. On to the next one!

We ended up for PART II at Here Lounge for the Truck Stop night. They had open bar until 10 pm! Once open bar had closed, we got our stamps for the lounge and headed off to another place for their 2-for-1 drink specials.

I really liked this place a lot. It was fun because I borrowed someones paddle stick and slapped a bunch of random guy’s butt’s throughout the night. THEY ALL HAD NO IDEA WHO DID IT! Lol, the expression on a guys face when someone has touched their butt is PRICELESS.

Anyways, we eventually ended up back where we first started. Might I add, the go-go dancers here are a lot better than the ones that normally dance at the Asian clubs.

Alright, so that concludes my post. Yes, I know there are a lot of photos. But I hope you enjoyed! More updates to come, AX, and reviews.. soon! Stay tuned!


2 Replies to “Summer Night Life”

  1. Duddeeeee…I think we have been hanging out every weekend. This is the best month everrrrr! <3 Btw, I love your camwhoring pix! Sexyyyyy..RAWRR!

    P.S. You getting kicked out was the highlight of my night hahahahahahhaha!

    1. we have been hanging out every weekend and its AWESOME! awwww i love you so much teewa! and i’m so so so happy that you have been coming out to play 🙂

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