Japanese Lingerie from Shibuyala in San Gabirel

I’ve always wanted to visit Shibuyala but never really had the chance to since I don’t live in the San Gabriel area. But not too long ago, I just so happened to be walking by the shop at night, and it was open! So I decided to take a look.

Shibuyala has two locations, one is a clothing store while the other is a lingerie shop. The shop itself is very cute as you can see. On the first floor there are many many cute bras that fit well for asians with small boobies. Upstairs is their fitting room where the workers may assist you if you need help finding the right bra size.

I bought the first bra that I tried on. This set cost me $65. Is it worth it? I guess that’s up to you to decide. Most of their bras run from $30-$60. They all provide a good amount of push up and they have very cute and bling bling style bras. Here are some details on the one that I purchased.

The bra that I got has the hook on the front. It’s nice because it really helps create extra cleavage for my non-existing one.

The back of the bra is lacy and looks good with shirts and being exposed since it doesn’t look like a normal bra.

All of their bra’s come with a matching panty. I’m not really a big fan of the underwear.. Mostly because I feel like it fits weird and that it’s not as comfortable as my Victoria Secret underwear.

I like the store a lot, but it is a little on the pricey side for me. However, I will be visiting again no doubt! Maybe this time I will have to take a look at their women’s clothing store.


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