Julie G (Gelato in Venice) Nail Polish Review

So… I was at Rite Aid the other day when I decided to take a look at their nail polish selection. While browsing, I came across Julie G Nail Polish. This nail polish line launched in April 2012 and is the product line of one of YouTube’s beauty guru stars, julieg713. I was in a rush, so I only got to pick out one color that I liked, Gelato in Venice. You can find this brand of polish at Rite Aid stores or online at JessesGirlCosmetics.com for ~$4.

This particular nail polish line has 27 different colors in the collection. The pot of nail polish is a .35 fl. oz. container, which is smaller than the normal size nail polishes, but honestly~ how much do you need? (although, this color is really cute, so maybe you do need more)

There’s nothing really to special about the branding of the nail polish itself. It looks pretty typical and I do wish that there was more thought involved in the look of it, but I guess thats not too important.

Anyways, the color is gorgeous. The pictures above actually make the nail polish look very blue. It’s really much more of a greenish mint color. Kinda more like the picture below, but with a tad bit more green. Think of mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Julie G Nail Polish (Gelato in Venice) Rating: ★★★★★

  • worth the value
  • cute colors
  • perfect amount of shine and gloss
  • two coats and you’re good
  • dries fairly fast
  • lasts for a while without chipping
  • not too hard to find

3 Replies to “Julie G (Gelato in Venice) Nail Polish Review”

  1. Min chip nails! yum yum yum

    1. yummyyyy~ just need to add some chocolate to my nails to really make it mint chip!

  2. You have brought up a very good details , thankyou for the post.

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