Anime Expo (Part 1 of 3)

A couple of weekends ago, I attended Anime Expo 2012. I’ve attended Anime Expo in the past, but never really got too involved. This year, I decided to apply to be a maid at the AX Maid Cafe. I actually got accepted and even made my boyfriend apply to be a host. We had a lot of fun at AX this year, in fact more than we ever have had in the past.

Here I am on Day 1 of Anime Expo on the way there in the car. I have my make up all done and I’m ready to go! We are on the way to the hotel~

I have a few really horrible photos of the hotel. It was really quite an interesting hotel though and I wish I had more photos.. We stayed at the Westin Bonaventure in Los Angeles, CA. On the bottom floor there was a beautiful bar in the middle surrounded by water and plenty of area to lounge around.

The hotel was very large and the architecture was very strange. The first five or six floors had many shops and restaurants. You didn’t really have to leave the hotel to get anything since the hotel itself was like a giant bubble with a mini city in it.

Here is part of what it looked like from the fifth floor. Weird huh? Kinda reminds me of video games, like Final Fantasy or something.

Day 1 of Anime Expo 2012 was crazy packed. If you look into the back, top right part of this photo, you can see a bunch of tiny colorful circles. That’s actually a huge massive crowd waiting for the exhibit hall to open. Literally shoulder to shoulder in that crowd…

Here is a quick snap from inside of the exhibit hall. Filled with lots of people and vendors of all sorts. There was a booth that sold DIY bling for your phone, nails, etc. I really wish I could have stayed around that booth for longer to get something. But I just didn’t have the time 

I took this shot as I was making my last rounds about Anime Expo on my last day there, Day 3. I didn’t stay for Day 4 (monday) because I didn’t want to take another day off of work. I will most definitely see you again next year AX!

One of my favorite things to do at AX is to cosplay! Too bad I’m not really a good cosplayer since I am very lazy to make my outfits… This year I didn’t dress up, but I did take some photos with other cosplayers and with my friends.

Here’s me in my maid outfit for AX Maid Cafe in between our show times. I managed to find some time to say hi to some of my friends.

What’s weird is that during the weekend of AX, X Games was also in town. Both of us were right next to each other. All of the people who were there to attend the X Games had no clue what AX was. So when they saw a bunch of people dressed up in “costumes” they thought we were very strange. I liked that X Games was right next to us because we were able to see their crazy cool events from the Los Angles Convention Center.

As you may.. or probably you dont know.. I was a maid for the AX Maid Cafe 2012. Here’s a group photo of everyone who participated.

Here’s another photo with just the maids. I really enjoyed getting to know all the maids and hosts who participated this year. It was fun bonding with everyone and trying to put on a show for all of our goshujin sama, lol.

During out show, we had many dances, a band performance with a singer, interaction period, and afterwards you can take photos and browse our merchandise.

I really enjoyed dancing, especially since I used to be really into dance in high school. I’ve never done maid dances before however, and they were a lot more kawaii then a normal dance would be. Ugh, and I totally failed at dancing the first day because I didn’t practice. Lol, I got progressively better as the days went on though. Too bad, maybe next year~

Here is one of my tables from one of the shows during the interaction period. Basically during this time, we get to play lots of different games together with our table and socialize. My favorite game of the weekend was Jenga. I have yet to ever knock down any of the blocks!

I had a few friends that I know come to watch the show. It was nice because it really helped make me more comfortable when I was dancing on stage. Here is one of the Polaroid’s taken at the show.

At night after our shows were over, we all partied at the hotel (since thats where we all stayed).

We had mixed drinks, shots, and cigars. It was a good time~

Lol look at the drop in quality of the photos. The above was taken with my iPhone 

And of course… I have to include the pokemen and hard gay in my AX blog post! They were everywhere, I swear! I don’t know why I saw them everywhere. I even remember them coming up to one of our party rooms randomly one of the nights. Soo random.

Here’s me and my boyfriend in our maid/host outfits. Twas a good weekend.
More photo heavy posts on AX to come~ stay tuned!




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