Weekend Adventures in Big Bear!

For my boyfriend’s birthday, I helped plan a weekend for us and a group of friends to go up to a cabin house in Big Bear!

The house was beautiful… and had enough beds to sleep 16 people. It was a lot higher up in the mountains than most of the other cabins in Big Bear too, but because of this, we had a gorgeous view.

Here is what the front of part of the house with my car parked on the drive way.

Here is the inside of part of the first floor main area… We have part of the kitchen, the dining area, and part of the living room. You can also see outside to the top deck. Not pictured is the bathroom, hallways, or laundry/storage rooms.

This is the living room and one of the front door entrances to the cabin. All of the bedrooms were downstairs, except one of the two master bedrooms that is upstairs.

Here is the view from the top deck~ It was very nice because you can see the lake and a 180 degree view of all the surrounding Big Bear. Also on this deck, there was a hot tub!! I loveeeee hot tubs 

This is the second deck located right below the top deck. There was also a third deck, but I didn’t bother taking a picture of it since it didn’t have a beautiful view. What’s nice about all of these decks is that most of the bedrooms can access the deck!

I didn’t take any photos of my bedroom, so I can’t show you. Okay, I lied, I do have one photo, but it’s really a horrible last minute photo that I took just as we were packing up to leave the cabin. So I won’t show you the mess that we made in my room, haha. It was a beautiful room though! We had a huge bathroom that had a shower and a  double wide jetted bath tub  Too bad I didn’t take advantage of the bathroom at all 

Both of the nights, we basically just drank and got wasted. I think I remember this particular beer pong game.. I think it was the first game of the entire weekend. Someone decided to play with 4 cans a beer per team, whyyyy???

Here’s a group photo of me and all the people who attended the Big Bear trip from my high school. Haha, good times.

Here’s a couple more of us. Too bad we didn’t take any group photos!! Haha, vacation fail!

Since we were at Big Bear, we decided to go down to the lake. We wanted to rent a boat, but sadly all of the boats had been rented out. Instead, we decided to go kayaking. It was a lot of fun, especially because half of the time I was laying down and relaxing while tanning in the sun.

Right next to the lake rental equipment area was this super cute and oh so soft husky! He looks a little scary here, but trust me, he was very friendly and lazy. Just my kind of dog!

Later that afternoon after having spent the day at the lake, we had a BBQ back at our cabin. We totally pigged out. Just looking at this photo reminds me of how full I was. We had bacon wrapped hotdogs, super fatty burgers, and skewers. All of it was pretty bomb for the most part. But honestly, eating this much food while drinking beers does not go well for my stomach. Too full >.<*

The second night went a little bit better for me than the first night. I can actually remember what happened!

All in all it was a great trip and now I have a lot more memories to add with my friends.

Hope you enjoyed~



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  1. that must be amazing sunset
    hey gorgeous, i love your blog
    lets follow each others blog, i hope we can be friends 🙂


    1. hi rhea ^^ awww your so sweet. i would love to be friends with you <3
      thanks for visiting my blog~ hope to see you around more often!

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