Corgi Corner: Who’s in the Box?

Queen – Another One Bites the Dust
, this is unofficially Dumpling’s theme song for now.. and it goes… *dump-dump-dump, dumpling in a box! (x2) and another one gone, and another one gone, dumpling in a box, Hey!*

Hahaha~ ok, I’m done.. but look what I got in the mail?? WHATS INSIDE?! WHATS INSIDE?! 

Well.. Lets have a look?

And you guessed it! It’s #dumplingthecorgi!! 

Alright, alright..  before I get any angry emails, she was not harmed in the process of taking these adorable photos. So please just enjoy the cuteness of Dumpling in a box! And yes, I took her out. (also for the dummies out there, she wasn’t shipped in this box if you havent figured it out already)

But what actually came in the box was my new RIMLESS 8 GALLON NANO SALTWATER FISH TANK!! I’m sooo excited!  You might never see me again on this blog. Ahaha, just kidding.. I think.


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