philosophy’s “amazing grace” and “purity made simple” Reviewed

The brand philosophy has long been a favorite of mine — specifically because of the amazing mix of aroma’s that each product offers. There truly is something pleasantly addicting to these bottled scents.

In this post however, I will be specifically reviewing philosophy’s shampoo, bath & shower gel, amazing grace (Amazon $20/16 fl. oz.) and also their facial cleanser, purity made simple (Amazon $15/8 fl. oz.).

As a brand, I think most of their products are very good. They may not be the best, but they are all definitely a notch above the rest and are worth trying. All of their products have the same type of philosophy gibberish that really doesn’t have much to do with the product itself, but I guess it’s fun and thats how the philosophy brands themselves. Oh before I forget to mention this later on, something very convient about philosophy is that a lot of their products come in many many sizes! You can get really little if you just wanted to test it out, or you could go BIG if you know that you like it. It really is your call and its very convient.

amazing grace (shampoo, bath & shower gel):

The shampoo, bath and shower gel is probably one of my favorites. Something about the sophisticated smell, it really does get to me every time. It doesn’t smell like your typical Bath & Body Works type shower gels.. and I like that! Another plus is that my boyfriend totally loves the smell on me too  haha, TMI?

When I use the shower gel, I use it with my little body scrub towel. If you don’t know what this wash cloth is, you MUST get it! You can find it at almost any asian super market, I like to get the roughest one for the squeaky cleanest feel that you will ever get. It makes your skin super soft, really clean, and is great for exfoliating! (ok, I’m done with my side tracked wash cloth rant)

The shower gel is great because you get an awesome lather and it totally does the job. After you are out of the shower, your skin smells oOo soOoo niCe! Not overwhelming or anything either.

Honestly, I haven’t tried it as a shampoo, and I probably never will unless I had to. I’d much rather use a real shampoo, thank you very much! But I can see how it is convient, especially if you are a guy. Haha, we all know how guys use shampoo for their hair AND body. Anyways… onto the next one!

purity made simple (facial cleanser):

I would say that the philosophy facial cleanser is the most basic of them all! Nothing fancy or crazy, but it does a good job and I ain’t complaining~

First off, the formula is this really nice milky smoothness. When I wash my face with this facial cleanser, I don’t feel like I am putting any chemicals onto my face. It doesn’t dry my face, but instead keeps it moisturized. It does take off make up, but has a bit of trouble with my waterproof mascara (especially because I like to coat the sh*t out of my lashes). Because of this, my usual routine is to use eye makeup remover before using this face wash.

I personally think this is a great facial cleanser, but I think I need something that has a little bit more chemicals. I need the drugs!! Just kidding, I mean.. I need salicylic acid and benzyl peroxide! My skin hasn’t really been doing as well without these two ingredients that love to dry out my skin. I actually prefer to dry out my skin and NOT have pimples, and then deal with the dry skin problem through lotion and face masks. Simple. As. That.

philosophy’s amazing grace shampoo, body & shower gel Overall Rating: ★★★★

  • Smells fancy and the smell stays on your skin after your shower too (not overwhelming, but just right)
  • Has a good lather and it’s fun to use (yes, I have fun!)
  • Very pretty marble pink color that makes me happy
  • Moisturizing and doesn’t cause breakouts
  • You can use it as shampoo too (if you really wanted, or if you are a dude)
  • Be careful not to drop this on your toes in the shower, it hurts really badly~ lol
  • Affordable and long lasting
  • Free of any harsh smells and chemicals
  • I would buy it again fashoo

philosophy’s purity made simple facial cleanser Overall Rating: ★★★★☆

  • Very basic face wash
  • Moisturizing/doesn’t dry yo face
  • Doesn’t cause breakouts, but also doesn’t do anything to prevent them..
  • Has a very light smell, if any
  • Isn’t good for removing our favorite waterproof makeups
  • I would try this if you don’t have any problems with acne, but if you do, look for one that has salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide. Read this article to find out which ingredient is better for you.

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