It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask Review

I just dyed my hair lighter this weekend. It’s slowly getting lighter.. and lighter.. and lighter. I’m not exactly sure if I like it or not, but anyways. With lighter hair, you need good deep conditioning products. My hair stylist, Michelle Wan (909-717-6887, at Shear Artistry Salon in Diamond Bar, CA), gave me the conditioner, It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask 8 oz (Amazon ~$15) to try out.

I gotta tell you straight out, this product is pretty awesome. I like it so much that I feel somewhat stingy with it since I love it so much. It really does my hair right 

The product claims do to a whole crap load of good for your hair. Let’s list it out and I’ll give you my opinion on each of them.

  1. Detangles (rating: 5/5) – I can go in the shower with completely tangled hair and it will untangle it for me! Although I do recommend combing your hair before you shower whenever you can, no matter what product you are using..
  2. Restores Moisture Balance (rating: 5/5) – I used to have lots of split ends and super dry hair. This really helped get the ends of my hair nice and soft for days after I shower. Love it!
  3. Instantly Restores Elasticity (rating: 5/5) – With good moisture added to you hair, it usually comes with elasticity as well. My hair no longer snaps due to the dryness and split ends. Now it is able to stretch when its wet without breaking. In fact, since I have minimal breakage of the tips of my hair, my hair has been growing super long! It’s almost at my hips now! Wow!
  4. Softens (rating: 5/5) – oOoo yes. It sure does mak your hair silky soft after using the product. I just want to run my fingers through my hair all day long.
  5. Smoothes (rating: 5/5) – Uh, I think the above comment for “softens” hair works the same for this one.. lol, “I just want to run my fingers through my hair all day long” because its so silky smooth 
  6. Imparts Luminous Shine (rating: 4/5) – Yea, finally something thats not a 5/5 rating, haha. It does have pretty good shine though, much better than most other products that you will find!
  7. Enhances Natural Body (rating: 4/5) – I don’t notice too much extra volume, but then again, it does say “natural body.” Also, I only apply this to the bottom half of my hair, so maybe thats why?
  8. Nourishes (rating: 5/5) – Honestly, when I use this product, I feel like I am feeding my hair some healthy stuff. Really.. It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mast does a hair good.
  9. De Frizzes (rating: N/A) – I don’t have frizzy hair, so I can’t really give a rating to this.. Sorry.. Hey, but it  does make your hair silky smooth! Does that count?
  10. Improves Color Vibrancy (rating: 3/5) – This has the lowest rating. I didn’t really notice much. Now I’m just starting to think that they are getting a bit greedy with their claims. Haha, it can’t ALL be true, can it?

Now, lets take a look at the product. As you can see, it’s totally a jar! I kinda wish it was a bottle with a pump, but then again, I guess I don’t really mind the jar. In fact, the plus side about the jar is that you can easily grab how much you need and also you can tell when you are about to run out soon (like in my photo, haha.. time to stock up)! Another plus side about the jar design is that you can scrape out every single last bit of it. Perfect for the everyday girl who needs to use every last drop of every product she ever owned.

The consistency of the hair mask is like your normal conditioner that you get from the market.. It’s white (I think this is a typical color), but it’s also a little thicker than normal conditioner. I assume this is why the jar type container works better than a bottle with a pump.

It has this wonderful light flowery smell… or maybe fruit smell? I’m not good at telling the difference, but it does smell quite tasty and good. Nothing over powering either. Yum, and it makes your hair smell nice afterwards too. Just like the Philosophy body wash that I reviewed, my boyfriend also think’s this product smells good on me. 

You really don’t need THAT much of this product. If you wanted to be crazy like me, you could really just take a small scoop of it and work it into the bottom half of your hair. But if you don’t wanna spend the time doing this, you can always take a bigger scoop.

ALRIGHT! now… There are two ways that you can use this product:

  1. Daily Conditioner – After shampooing, work the product into your hair for 1-3 minutes and rinse. Honestly, if you had the money to use this product as daily conditioner, go for it! It’s quite awesome. But I don’t, so I just use this every few days or before a “special event,” you know, when you wanna have nice hair.
  2. Deep Conditioning – Work into hair for 5-15 minutes and then rinse. This is my preferred method. Usually I work it into my hair and then leave it while I shave my legs, scrub my body with soap, and stand around enjoying the hot water while singing. I never really time how long I keep it in my hair, but I assume, the longer the better! Lol, I do this for everything, face masks included. I’m assuming that I usually end up keeping it in my hair for about 10 minutes.

It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask Overall Rating: ★★★★★

  • Go buy it now, go buy it now, go buy it now! Amazon.
  • Really does make your hair softer, smoother, and shinier.
  • If you have tangled hair, this works well.
  • Makes your hair feel really healthy, moisturized, less breakage from split ends.
  • Smells good and makes your hair smell good after you shower too.
  • Good jar design for easy access.
  • Oh gawd, just go buy the product already. Trust me, you’ll love it!



5 Replies to “It’s a 10 Miracle Hair Mask Review”

  1. Looks fab, thanks for sharing! I have an argan oil hair mask from Pro Naturals (got it at and it works fantastic too, so moisturizing. Never used it’s a 10, have to try it sometime.

  2. thank you for the info, looks good, I also use pro naturals moroccan argan oil hair mask which is amazing and leaves my hair soft, shiny and healthy. 😀

    1. ooOo, thanks for the tip Monique! I’ll have to try your moroccan argan oil hair mask out for myself 😉

  3. I use one from pro naturals, the hair repair mask. It is really good too since it’s made from argan oil =D

    1. awesome! thanks for letting me know, I’ll have to check that one out 🙂

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