Vassen Latte Pink Circle Lens Review

Several months ago when Vassen circle lenses first came out, I bought two pairs from However, I never got a chance to try them until recently. Today I am going to review the Vassen Latte Pink circle lens. Both pairs of Vassen circle lens were purchased for about ~$20 each.

Here are the two pairs of Vassen circle lenses that I got. Yes those negative numbers are my prescription and I am blind without contacts..

You will be able to read my review on the other pair of contacts soon 

Check out the ultra cool pattern on the contacts! Wow, it’s so weird and interesting!

Here is a close up of the lenses. As  you can see, it has a bright pink, dark pink that almost looks red, and a black outline. The colors all sort of swirl around.

Above you can see the contacts in different types of lightings. Honestly, it looks really good no matter what lighting it is in. One thing that I usually hate about circle lenses is when it doesn’t blend well with your natural eye color. The good thing about this particular lens is that the clear opening in the center is pretty huge and the spiral really helps blend the contact color with your eye color. I’m curious to see what this circle lens looks like with lighter color eyes. I would imagine that it looks pretty wild.

The Latte Pink lenses really make your eyes stand out. Because of the black rim outlining, it creates a strong contrast with the white of your eye, thus making your eyes look super big and bold. The enlarging effect is great. This particular contact would look best with more eye make up as opposed to natural eye make up.

The color of the lenses when worn do not look pink. Instead, it looks like a deep crimson red color. I actually really like this particular color a lot and do not find it to be frightening at all.

Here are some photos of me wearing the contacts. I hope you enjoy my silly faces! Haha, I was having a lot of fun taking weird photos of myself.

I changed my tongue ring to a lime green one! My old one broke!! Can you believe that? The crystal jewel came out while I was eating. *ouch* Can you tell what else is different about me? I’ll give you a second to guess……… ok.. My hair is lighter!

Vassen Lattee Pink Circle Lens Overall Rating: ★★★★☆
Color:  ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★☆
Natural-ness: ★★★

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  1. wondering why quite a few blogging at a blogroll lack their very own newest publish stated as well as others carry out? The way to improve which will?

    1. aww your too sweet anna, thanks! *^^*

  2. I have the brown one but the pink looks nice too! Creates such a big dolly eye effect ^.^

    1. lol yea it does. i feel like brown would look nicer tho!! the pink one makes my eyes look like they are red and irritated :C

      1. Yeah i agree XD I’ve never tried pink because of my sensitive eyes, dont wanna look bloodshot :S

        1. lol yea.. its sooo hard to not have your eyes look bloodshot >.<* when i wear the pink lenses, i have to keep using eye drops all the time. my eyes are horrible too because i wear contacts too much. so i eye needs more oxygen and i have lots of new veins that are growing over my iris!! the horror!!!

  3. i just bought a pink circle lens. have you tried the ones i bought (link below)?

    1. No I haven’t tried that one, but it looks very nice! Let me know how they turn out!

      1. ok! i’ll post it on my blog ( when i receive it 🙂

        1. Cool cant wait to see it! Take lots of photos 🙂

            1. sorry for so many comments, but i changed my blog url to

              please check it out 🙂

              1. loll ok, will do 😀

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