Vassen Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue Circle Lens Review

A few days ago, I reviewed the Vassen Latte Pink circle lens. But today, I am reviewing the Vassen Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue circle lens.

As you can see, these circle lenses are blue and green… well, the green actually looks more like a yellow green.

Looking at the close up of these lens, you may notice that there is a tiny light colored rim. It’s very very subtle when wearing the contacts.

Above you can see the Vassen Rainbow Eyes Greenish blue circle lens with different lightings. It honestly looks quite good in all types of light. It is very natural in fact. You don’t really notice the contacts THAT much. It just makes dark brown eyes look lighter.

As for color, I would say that these contacts look some what blue-grey instead of blue-green. The green color on the lens blends in very easily with my natural brown eyes. But this is somewhat of a good thing because it helps blend the artificial color with my real eye color.

These lens do not have a real halo effect, but in a lot of my photos, I noticed that it kind of looks like it does? It’s actually just the color of the blue at certain angles that creates this fake halo.

This particular lens would be really nice during the day time since the color is very pretty and you may want to show it off. Also, this lens is good with any type of make up.. heavy gyaru style.. or light and natural. It’s all up to you! Defiantly a keeper.

Can you tell that I’m trying to make my eyes super huge? lol… yes you can tell. 

Haha.. Ok now these faces are even weirder than the last post. I kinda got too into this crazy angle that I found that I could make. I actually took a lot more “scarier” photos and I showed them to my coworkers. They freaked out and said that I looked too scary and that I shouldn’t post them. So these are the more mild ones.

Vassen Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue Circle Lens Overall Rating: ★★★★★
Color:  ★★★★★
Enlargement: ★★★★★
Comfort: ★★★★★
Natural-ness: ★★★

6 Replies to “Vassen Rainbow Eyes Greenish Blue Circle Lens Review”

  1. Pretty lenses. I tried these as soon as they arrived and I was surprised that there were quite comfortable. I wore them for a few hours without a problem. They are also quite enlarging. My natural color is hazel, so the green part of the lenses blends with my eyes, but the blue part shows nicely.

    1. i love these lens a lot! they feel very natural, although, of course green/blue is anything but natural on an asian girl. hahaha.

  2. are these the light greenish blue or the greenish blue? and if they are the greenish blue, do they look too green because thats what some people say. I’m trying to decide between those two

    1. this one is just “greenish blue.” no light before the name that i know of. to me, the green color looks more yellowish, rather than green. from afar, i would say that the color is more light blue and doesn’t have as strong of a green color. i wasn’t sure if i liked these lens at first, but they grew on me. i hope this helps!

      1. Thank you it did help 🙂

        1. yay glad to hear! sorry for the late response >.<

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