Swarovski “Amazing” Sunglasses

I  sunglasses. I don’t think I can go out in the sun without them. My eyes are super sensitive to bright light and sometimes I will begin tearing uncontrollably if my eyes are exposed. This is probably one of the worst things to happen too if you are wearing lots of eye make up and false eyelashes.

Here are my old Tom Ford sunglasses that I got from a sunglass store at the mall. I think they cost about ~$500. I’m sure you have all seen me wear my Tom Ford sunglasses in a lot of my instagram and blog photos. I just can’t do without them! I think these sunglasses are still my favorite at the moment. They are simple and truly look the best out of many many sunglasses that I’ve tried on. When you’ve tried on the perfect ones, you’ll know that it’s the one for your because it will transform your face!

So now.. onto my new sunglasses. I highly doubt that these knew ones will get as much love as my beloved Tom Ford’s, but I’ll show them off to you anyways. These are Injected Sunglasses from the Amazing collection by Swarovski. Retail is about ~$350.

There are many different colors in this particular style. These sunglasses have also been seen and worn by many different celebrities such as Christina Aguilera, Cheryl Cole, and Fergie. 

Here is the case:

Now to have a closer look at the sunglass itself and the details.

Personally, I’m not entirely impressed by the color of these sunglasses. I got these Swarovski sunglasses as a gift  from my sister-in-law. Honestly, these look amazing when she wears them because she has a very fair complex. Since I’m more tan than she is, I just look dirty when I wear these? My skin color clashes with the olive-ish jade color green. If I could have chosen my own sunglass color, I would have chosen something like Amazing Blush or Amazing Black.

Besides the color.. I do love the style of it! I think the shape of the sunglasses and the geometrical feel to it is very trendy and nice. It adds a little extra special touch.

 What are your thoughts on these sunglasses? Which do you like more, my old Tom Ford or the new Swarovski sunglasses?



4 Replies to “Swarovski “Amazing” Sunglasses”

  1. 500 dollars for sunglasses?!!?!

    1. lol.. yea. thats why im sad that i dont take better care of them cuz they have a couple of scratches from putting them in my purse without a case 🙁

      btw, it wasn’t my money! it was a bday gift from my sister-in-law!

  2. Amazing eyeglass designs! I must say, a lot of women would envy these designer eyeglasses. Thanks for sharing this post with us!

    1. thanks for the compliment!

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